End of Summer Update #5: I return! and I talk about my publishing schedule for the foreseeable future…

I return!…

I’m back! I am very glad to be back too. But in any case, welcome to the A Paladin Without A Crusade blog. In this post I will be talking, briefly, about my past week and then what you can expect to see from this blog as far as a release schedule goes. So grab some water, sit back and read on.

Its been too long. I’m actually stoked that I missed writing for this blog. I was never sure if writing for this blog was a great idea or not. But it seems that I’ve started to really enjoy myself in my writings and that’s a great thing. Otherwise, I should be throwing this project in the trash and moving onto something else ;). I mean, its been several years since I started it, I should be enjoying myself by now, right? In any case, taking a week off was definitely a good idea. My first week at college was more insane than I had anticipated. I had more scheduling conflicts than normal and the schoolwork piled up quickly. I also went on a weekend trip and that didn’t help things on the productivity side, but it was great fun. I’ve been spending the last couple of days working on getting things back under control and tonight I feel like things are under control enough to start my projects up again. So glad to be back…

So what can you expect from myself and this blog in the near future? Well, the following:

  • Personal Musings up to 5X a week.
  • At least two “big” posts a month. These posts can be reviews, musings or thoughts.
  • Continued podcast episodes for TeknoCratik.
  • YouTube Let’s Play Series once a week.
  • And other random projects that I get the chance to be involved with.

There isn’t a lot changing from summertime, except the reduction in the bigger posts. I don’t want a complete drought of the larger posts but at the same time I can’t exhaust myself working on both them and school work. So expect at least two per month. I also won’t be doing more than five personal musings a week. I think I had a few six PM posts in a week and those felt really forced. So I decided it will be around four to five posts a week.

On the YouTube front, I had toyed with the idea of publishing a Let’s Play series more than once a week, but decided not to. Instead, I’m going to try and stretch myself in the next Let’s Play series and I have a few ideas I want to test. There will be a video later when I have the next series worked out and ready to go. I haven’t gotten around to working on it yet. So stay tuned for news on that front. Also, you could always subscribe to the channel!

If none of this is enough for you, (though I can’t imagine why), Dangelus and I have been put out another episode for our TeknoCratik podcast. We’ve published two episodes thus far and we have several more we want to record in the near future so its off to a strong start. We don’t have a particular schedule that we’re going to stick to right now and that suits both of us just fine. If your interested in us talking about a variety of different subjects in technology for a couple of hours, this is the podcast to subscribe to.

So there you go. Nothing vastly different from usual, but its more to reaffirm my plans with my projects and let you know what is going on. As always, your support is appreciated and I hope you enjoy what is to come. I know I’m excited to be doing this stuff, I find it fun and enjoyable to publish content like this.

(Also, next Personal Musing will be tomorrow).

Until next time dear readers, listeners and watchers,

I have been, KingIsaacLinksr…

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