End of Summer Update #4: My Short Break From A Paladin Without A Crusade blog…

Update About My Mini-Vacation

So yes, it is as the title of the blog says. I’ll be taking a short break from the blog effective immediately. It’ll be at least a week, maybe longer depending on how my first week at college goes. I need the time to take a break from the writing, research and other things I have to do for the blog. So this break is aimed at gauging how much time I’ll need to spend this term on studying and getting stuff done. Plus, I want to look into some other extra-curricular activities. Once I’ve got all of that figured out, I’ll be able to talk about a publishing schedule for both the blog and YouTube channel. I want to keep a balance this term on my studies and my personal projects, as last year it tended to go back and forth. Some weeks I’d be posting a lot and some weeks I’d be posting very little if anything.

I will post a final End of Summer update which will outline my publishing schedule moving forward and how frequently you can expect additional posts to keep coming. This summer has been pretty crazy with how much I’ve posted and how things have changed so I need to figure out something saner. But the response to all the work has been positive. The sharing, liking, and the comments are very appreciated. I’m glad to see them as it helps keep me writing and working on these projects. Its not easy, working on something your not paid for but I enjoy doing it and knowing other people do too, well, its helpful too :).

I don’t really want to take this break. I’ve found a good stride and look for the blog and my writing hasn’t been stronger. But I felt it was necessary if I’m going to take college more seriously than I have in the past. (Not that I didn’t take it seriously, I was just a little more lax than maybe I should have been) So this is just one of the things I’m doing to improve. I won’t be gone forever, just this short little break. I might work on posts or other things blog-related if something important comes up during the hiatus, but I’ll publish them after the break. So I hope you have enjoyed the blog and the content published. If you have anything you want to discuss on the blog and the future, please leave a comment!

As always, I’m on Twitter if you wish to hear me ramble in 140 characters or less about something on my mind that day ;). I’ll still be there.

So until I return…


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