Personal Musing 9/20/12: College books, LoL Honor System and a little more…

Talking about those College book fun times…

My Latest Musings:

Thursday is going away. Today I finally got my financial aid which means I could pick up my college books with some of the money I got. One less thing I’ve got to do before school starts again next week. It was surprising because I could actually rent one of my college books on my Kindle apps. Think I’ve mentioned that before, but I’m still amazed by it. Usually college books require online codes or some other thing that only comes with new books. Out of all the college books I’ve gotten this is a first. So here is hoping I’ll get to see more of it. Even if the cynical side of me says its not likely to happen again. Other than that, I’m just adjusting to my new place. Which has been going pretty smoothly thus far.

Not much playing other than a bit of FTL. Just been a busy day today. Really want to finish Black Mesa before I go back to school too. I think I can manage that.

News of Relevance:

Valve will be adding 10 more Greenlight games to the list of approved ones on the 15th of October. Geez, I hope they approve games a little bit faster than this pace. But I’m sure they want to work out the kinks in the system first I suppose. Anyway, Greenlight has been getting a lot of tweaking and improvements as time has passed on. I’ve actually found a few interesting games via the queue so that’s working at least.

League of Legends will be adding an Honor system to reward players for good behavior. How this will work and whether it will work remains to be seen, but at least Riot is trying to fix their absolutely terrible community. Its the main reason I’ve stayed away from LoL. The only real problem they’re going to have to overcome is trolling or other forms of manipulation that people like them could use on this system. I guess its cynical of me, but I still feel like the jerks of the LoL community will still figure a way around this system and still be able to act like, well, jerks. I guess it would have been helpful if they had actually said what the system was going to do.

Audio To Hear:

Umm, so my friend Rick Moyer sends me this email containing a link to some metal tunes that he had created back in 1997. I’m kind of at a loss for words, its just too funny to hear him sing metal tunes. Anyway, I had to share. Here’s the first song to give you an idea.

Like Chiptunes? This bundle of them might interest you. Just have to pay $1 or more to get seven chiptune albums.

Captured Internet Photos:

This looks neat

Another sunflower

I still hate bees…

Videos To See:

I guess if you move into a new place, trolling as a sexy guinea pig is one of the first things that you can do. Yeah….

Could Cloud’s sword be real? The answer may surprise you.

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