Personal Musing 9/19/12: iOS 6 is out today, gift of FTL and a little more…

iOS 6 is out today…

My Latest Musings:

Already Wednesday, its not fair I tell you. Not fair. = This week is going by quickly. What to talk about today, well, mostly I was just focused on trying to get work done. Both paid and my projects. Which I got quite a bit of work done on both. Work got kind of crazy when a vulnerability was discovered with IE. Yeah, we still use that. Then iOS 6 was released, I kind of ranted a bit about the app updates forcing me to go to iOS6 and upgrade my hardware. I’ll probably talk about it more later on, but I was less than impressed that my less-than-two-year-old phone was already losing support. My PC I’m typing on is three+ years old and its still getting software updates for it. And apps. And games. And I pay monthly for a smartphone. Suffice it to say, this is going to change what phone I buy next. *sigh*. Otherwise, my day went well. So did yesterday too, though I got really lazy and didn’t feel like typing much at all. Still adjusting to my new place and this new area. For the first time I feel like I’m actually living in a city. Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve always felt like I was living on the outskirts. Even though we never really were. I don’t know, just a weird feeling I guess.

Been playing more of Black Mesa and having some fun with it. I forgot how much the original Half Life had 1st person platforming though and I’m not too enthusiastic to see it here as well. I’ve never particularly felt that it was a fun game design, first person platforming. Its a lot of guess work and luck and you tend to spend a lot of time jumping and not making it. Yay. Gun play is still nice and meaty though. I might replay Half Life 2, because I swear there isn’t much platforming in that game but my memory might be just a little fuzzy on that. Also, got gifted FTL: Faster Than Light thanks to a friend and I’ve been playing that a bit. Its lots of fun from what little I’ve been able to play it. Which is great, I figured it would be :D. My first excursion resulted in my crew dying from lack of oxygen on the third planet I warped to. Solar flares and ships shooting you tend to do that. The second excursion was great, though I basically got roflstomped by a ship in the fourth sector who felt my ship needed to die. Ouch. Still, its fun. =)

News of Relevance:

If you like free music in the soundtrack variety, the Torchlight II soundtrack is available for free. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but it can’t hurt to get free music.

iOS 6 is available now over the air or via iTunes. Here’s a fairly lengthy review of the OS. There really isn’t anything that stands out to me as a must-have for this iOS version. A lot of it is loss of features, mostly of the Google variety. I think I might make a musing about this later on, if I get the time. As if I haven’t mused about Apple enough thus far…

The iWork suite finally got updated to allow files to open into other apps. Why this feature took years to get implemented I’ll never know. The workaround has always been to email files and then open them into other apps. Not useful or helpful. Thankfully, Apple has finally added the feature which makes it easier to upload these files to dropbox or other apps. Right in time for school too, which is appreciated.

Audio To Hear:

Its been a bit slow on the audio/pic/video front, I guess it happens. Here is what I got though.

This track wasn’t too bad.  From nervous_testpilot.

Captured Internet Photos:

Nothing for today.

Videos To See:

Lindsey Stomp is back with another elemental-based music video that I enjoyed.

And that’s it for today’s PM. I hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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