Personal Musing 9/17/12: College approaches, Starcraft II talking, and more…

College…it approaches…

My Latest Musings:

Mondays again. Its the last week of freedom. THE LAST WEEK OF FREEDOM! *cries in a corner*. I could….I could make a run for it. No one will ever be able to find me. Its not like I have a GPS in my phone. Or tablet. Nahh, Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could run for it. Mexico is nice this time of year right? Yeah, that sounds like a plan. *coughs* I mean uhh, hi readers. Welcome back to this Personal Musing of my mind. Yeah, my mind sometimes wants to run away. I don’t blame him. Like I want to pay back this college debt either….or deal with classes again. Grand stuff. So what about today? Not much. Its mostly been a chill day. I did attend this meeting of a group of a…singular-issue political group. I’m not going to say who it was, not the place for it on this blog but I visited just to see what they were about and how they dealt with situations. It really gave me some insight into how similar groups like this one work. Or at least, it helped make sense of their logic. Anyway, it was ok. Though something that bothered me about the presentation was the constant naming off of facts of percentages. Like 53% polled said this or 25% did this when this happened. I’m not much for poll results or blanket percentages. Especially since I don’t know how they got them in the first place. I mean, I could say that 10% of my time is spent on gaming. That doesn’t tell you anything actually useful. How much time am I talking about? Well, I didn’t tell you. Just something to mention I guess. But yeah, my day went pretty well otherwise.

Today I just spent more time in Black Mesa and I got to the point where the soldiers come in to kill everyone. Fun times. Fun times…

Click the picture for a link to the website.

Oh right! Stefan Sawynok just released Part 2 of our Starcraft discussion on his Highway to Mars podcast. Its a hour and a half long, which is why we split it up in the first place. This one is all about Starcraft II and I’ll let the podcast speak for itself. I think it was a lot of fun in this one especially as we pick apart Starcraft II’s storyline. So I hope you enjoy :).

News of Relevance:

Nothing to talk about.

Audio To Hear:

This song came across my SoundCloud dashboard and its not too bad.

Captured Internet Photos:

Going to be working on this section as soon as I can. With the whole instagram blocking me thing, that really messed up my options. So its probably going to be lacking in this space for a while until I sort things out.

Very cool flower

Another neat looking flower

Videos To See:

This. This is a proper PC game settings menu. I don’t know why AAA companies have issues with making these, but Borderlands 2 has given you a proper template. Copy. Copy. COPY IT!. I rarely ever say that, but for crying out loud, copy this from now on and your PC gamers won’t complain as much. šŸ˜‰

Corridor Digital continues its trend of makingĀ bizarreĀ and odd videos. But this one was pretty good. Though I had to laugh at how happy the dog looked during the video xD.

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