Personal Musing 9/16/12: My Moving Weekend, Breath of Death VII stuff and much more…

Not quite my new bed, though this was bizzare enough I had to share it.

My Latest Musings:

What a weekend. Friday, Saturday, and today was nothing but work, on mostly my stuff. Let’s see, Friday, Friday was my last full day at my previous place, which was an apartment with my brother. He had agreed to let me stay on for a couple of months for cheaper rent. But once Fall came around, I had to move. You’ll have to ask him why. Anyway, its not a huge deal to move to my current place. Rent is still cheaper than where I was last year, I’m a lot closer to my job and the college I’m going to. I also get my own room. Its a house with 15+ people living in it and so far things have gone well. And I’m getting ahead of myself. Friday, yes, Friday. On Friday after I walked my final four mile round-trip to and from work, I got prepared to move out. I also published my Breath of Death Let’s Play episodes and a blog review for the game in one night. Let me tell you, that was difficult to pull all of that off in one day and have it be good content. Which I think it was.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day moving myself from my brother’s apartment to my new place. It went smoothly for the most part. I had to deal with traffic from the latest Duck football game at first so that was…”fun”. My brother helped with the final load which was furniture and a few last items I still had at the apartment. I was exhausted after all that moving. So I spent Sunday err today unpacking all my stuff. And it seems to be fitting pretty well too, though I still have to figure out a few boxes. You can check out the pic below, that’s my new setup and I like it. The wires stay out of the way for once, my 5.1 speaker system is all at the same level so I can hear each speaker fine and everything has room to breathe. The biggest benefit? A proper bed. I’ve been sleeping on a bed spring for the past couple of months. Yeah, not so fun, though I can sleep on anything, except rocks probably. I’m flexible about where I sleep, it just has to have some degree of comfort. The reason is, is that we couldn’t find a properly sized mattress (cheap) for the bed I was sleeping on and it was better than nothing. So this new bed has been heaven. I’m amazed I got up at 8am today. I figured I’d sleep in till 2. Anyway. I’ve been able to meet a bunch of people here thus far and they’re an interesting and fun bunch so far. The place I’m living at is old, but surprisingly well maintained. I’ve been in newer buildings that were a lot worse than this place. So everything is working out fine thus far. Plus, tomorrow I only have to walk 15mins to work, not an hour. Which will be great considering we’re about to get to the rainy season and walking in the rain for an hour is not fun. I had to do it last week, not really wanting to repeat that experience.

Only gaming I did was some AI War: Fleet Command on Saturday with a couple people and trying out “Black Mesa” today. Black Mesa is that free Half Life 2 mod which is a remake of Half Life 1. And it is surprisingly fun and fresh, which is a big surprise for me because when I heard about the game (and its development hell) I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. But it does. It, so far, feels like Half Life 1 but with some interesting twists and turns to it that keep the game fresh. So I’m looking forward to playing more of the mod. I just wish I had more time. A lot more time to play all these games. Alas…

I published my final three episodes of my Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII: The Beginning series on Friday. I’m happy this series turned out how it did and I have learned quite a bit that I plan on applying to my next LP series, when I get it up and running. Along with those episodes I also published my review of the game. All in all, it was rather exhausting to publish that all in one night, but I’m glad that I managed as well as I had. I doubt I’ll publish three episodes in a row like that, but the main reason I did was in case the Internet I was moving to wasn’t good. I didn’t exactly check it before moving in. But it seems to be fine so it looks like things should be fine on that front. I’m hoping to publish a couple more “End of Summer” updates this week for the blog as well. So, here is the Let’s Play episodes in case you missed them:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

News of Relevance:

So it seems that a new Indie Game store, IndieGameStand, is being set to launch on September 26th. Its a pay-what-you-want for every game that goes up on the store setup, with proceeds going to charity which is similar to how the Game Bundles we’ve been seeing for the past year have been operating. Except this time its a limited time offer. Twice a week, they’ll put up new titles for 96 hours. Its an interesting idea and I’ll be listening to hear what the results of this store are. I do think its a good idea, but whether its profitable for indie devs, I guess we’ll wait and see.

Apple is officially killing Ping on September 30th. After the abysmal failure of their social network, it seems Apple is going to focus on granting Twitter and Facebook access to the iTunes store later this year. (No word on G+, but considering Apple and Google’s relationship right now, wouldn’t hold my breath). I used Ping for a short stint and while it had some interesting ideas behind it, it lacked in implementation. Let’s face it, people aren’t all that interested in just sharing music. And being restricted to iTunes, iPods, iPhones and iPads really hurt the network’s chances of getting off the ground. I quit using it long before this announcement and I’m not unhappy to see it go.

Ubuntu One Music Store is coming to mobile and web. The reason this is a big deal is that you originally had to use plugins in an app to gain access to the Music store. It was inconvenient to say the least. Now they are cutting that part out and making it very convenient to buy music from the store, which is always a good idea. I have never used the store though, so I couldn’t say if its great or not. Maybe I’ll find out one day.

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter blasts past $2 million dollars and earns $2,229,344 to make their game. It is pretty darn awesome, I just wish I had the chance to participate in this Kickstarter beyond word-of-mouth. I really hope these guys deliever a really solid, grand-scale RTS to sink our teeth into. The gaming industry has been lacking one for too long.

I mentioned that I was playing Black Mesa above, well, here is the RPS article that gives you links to download the game if you so desire to play it yourself. Its free after all. And so is the OST so go check it out. Go. Go now. You can come back after you have. Back? Good.

And finally, ever play Skyrim? I never have, but this article made me laugh my butt off. So basically, this guy took Skyrim and installed over 200 mods to it. Blindly. And then went into the world of Skyrim to see what new, insane and crazy things he could find in the world. Just reading this, not knowing much about the game, made me laugh. The amount of silly things that go on is insane. Plus, there are a lot of problems getting that many mods made by so many different people working together. The game lags, crashes and is completely insane. Plenty of anarchy. And other things. So if your into Skyrim, you should give the article a look.

Audio To Hear:

My friend Rick Moyer made a parody of Party Rock and created Party Spock. It is too funny to listen to.

Ever played Mechwarrior? Billybob476 is back on the Upper Memory Block podcast to talk about the game. I had never gotten into this series, but apparently its a lot of fun.

I’ve been listening to Machinae Supremacy quite a bit lately and they are working on a new album and released this song onto the masses. I like it. “Laser Speed Force”.

Captured Internet Photos:

Cool looking flowers

This is a cute shot of a kid

Very pretty flowers, pity that its the end of summer

This is a great shot of a flower.

All the doggie wanted was some love.

Videos To See:

New (to me) YouTuber I’ve been following here lately, Jesse Cox, started up this amusing look at Dead Space. Watching this series reminds me of how much I liked that game. I never did play Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 I won’t touch with a 10ft pole. Its a pity, EA did make a pretty good horror game here. Pretty good.

I had to agree with wilsontech1 on these, this is how you can be really quite annoying on Twitter. But they forgot other things, like spamming your feed with really useless tweets from Klout or GetGlue. I should really do a blog post on this subject one day…

I used to do a lot of creative things with K’nex not too long ago. This guy has far surpassed my imagination. This thing, is insane. I mean, the sheer number of K’nex pieces you would need to make this thing is massive. Kudos to you Sir, kudos to you.

And I hope you enjoyed this PM. More to come and until next time…


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