Personal Musing 9/12/12: Apple iPhone 5 Musings, Eve Online community loss, and much more…

Yes, I am back talking about Apple’s iPhone 5 event in this Personal Musing.

My Latest Musings:

Apple release days are always……..interesting days. You can find out who the Apple and Android fanboys are in your social networks and who the sane people are. I’m glad to see that most people were sane this time around. I had a few problems with Google+ but that was corrected rather swiftly. Still, today went pretty well. I didn’t do much else than work and talk with friends today and watching/talking about the Apple iPhone 5 event. Work went fine, though getting up at 6am was a real bear. I guess I better get used to getting up that early soon enough right? Ergh. Been working on the blog when I’ve had the chance so not a lot of gaming. Also playing around with Google Play and that is an interesting streaming service in its own right. I kind of like it, butit being streaming only has me slightly nervous about using it full time. Yeah. So, ok then, I guess its time to talk about the iPhone event. Because I talk about technology in this blog as well.

This “war” is stupid.

I’m going to be honest here, I have contemplated dropping my discussions about technology many times this past month. Mostly due to the stupid amounts of fanboyism that goes on in the Apple/Microsoft/Android/Google sectors. But in the end, I decided to keep it. I can’t let the whole stupid Android/iPhone wars/people keep me out. I enjoy talking about technology. I enjoy it so much I joined my friend Dangelus in his TeknoCratik effort. (Totally not a shameless plug I swear hahaha). And it would be silly/stupid of me to drop it from A Paladin Without A Crusade at this point. So it stays. So do all of these: //////// ;). Though I’m going to try and improve how I talk and discuss technology. So hopefully this post is better today for that effort. If not, leave a comment. I appreciate them. :). Onwards to the iPhone event!

Apple iPhone 5 Event:

So my thoughts about the Apple iPhone 5 event. Apple did some good work on bringing the iPod lineup up to snuff and redoing their iTunes application. The iPod touch got a faster processor, a new design, 4″ screen, better camera, and Siri integration. And “The Loop”. Yeah…hello Lanyards. The iPod touch upgrades bring it close to par with the iPhone 5, so its worth the money to get if you don’t want to sink a ton of money into a smart phone right now. I wouldn’t blame you there, considering how expensive they are. Anyway, I think the most unique change in the lineup is the iPod nano. Its now a 2.5″ touchscreen device with a home button. Its kind of crazy to me that every generation of this device has been vastly different from what the previous version was. I kind of wonder why that is. This one does have a few new features though its basically a very cheap iPod touch with its new video playback and bluetooth features. Pity that the iPod classic still sits there, the same as always and without any updates. I’d like to have a mobile device with 100s of Gigabytes of space these days, not just the small 16-64GBs of space we get now. Idk, it would just be nice not to have to worry about the internet all the time when it came to music and other forms of multimedia that I own. Moving along…

iTunes is also getting a massive overhaul. Mainly to simplify the interface, add new music features, new Mini-player and a complete upgrade to the iTunes store. The iTunes store will run faster and you’ll be able to find new stuff easier. I can’t say I’m all that thrilled about having the iTunes store more deeply integrated into the music section of my desktop application. I could have lived with the one link on the side of iTunes. Now it seems they are pushing it in as much as they possibly can. Not too crazy about that but I’m not surprised either. iOS5 (and no doubt iOS6 will too) had deeper integration with the iTunes store than any other previous iOS versions with the buttons. Now the desktop app gets to reap the benefits. Yay. I can’t really comment on any of the other features the new iTunes will bring until its actually released, in October. So maybe I’ll muse about it then.

And finally, the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 comes with a new 4″ screen, thinner aluminum body, more powerful CPU speeds, faster wireless speeds and a host of minor hardware upgrades. However, as this Mashable article details, what the iPhone 5 provides hardware-wise either matches or gets beaten by Android’s flagship phones. (Although I have no idea where they got that $99 carrier deal from for the Samsung S3, its $199 for me right now). While the exact speed of the A6 chip is not known at this time, its likely to be at 1.5GHz or less. But I’m only guessing, no facts to back it atm. The camera improvements are nice, but nothing to really write home about. Having a better front end-camera is much appreciated though. The 4″ screen with a new row of icons is good as the 3.5″ screen was starting to look too small. Though I would have appreciated more screen space than this, I need to hold the phone in my hand before I can decide how I like it. I do have to shake my head at how many times Apple constantly advertises that you can type on the iPhone with only one hand, like its some major feature or something. I’ve never heard of this being a problem for any other phones, but for whatever reason, Apple felt the need to mention it several times. Its also interesting to note that Apple isn’t changing the basic look of the iPhone with this update either. Its still the iPhone 4, just taller and with more aluminum on the back instead of that stupid glass back which shattered if it landed on the ground too hard. (Mine is still in one piece, but I had to be careful). The new “lightning” charger/connector they released is a big thumbs down from me. Apple should have switched over to micro-USB like all other mobile phones have been doing for charging. Heck, the lighting port almost looks like a micro-USB port. Instead, Apple is still using a proprietary port just to be proprietary when its unnecessary. All in all, there isn’t a lot of new features with this iPhone. Its mostly focused on software features and smaller little hardware changes to make it better.

Ok, all that said, its a nice update for those in the Apple ecosystem. Its not revolutionary or ground-breaking, its just an iterative update for the iPhone/iPod lineup. If you have a iPhone 3GS or older, I would upgrade to the 5. If you have an iPhone 4, I would think about it. On an iPhone 4S? Your probably fine. The new iTunes update will probably be appreciated and I’m looking forward to playing around with a new look and setup. So plenty of good stuff to chew on. I guess. Though I can’t help but feel like a lot of this is “meh” to me at the end of the day. For Apple peeps, I guess its good, but for myself, who isn’t as invested into the apple ecosystem as most, its not enough to keep me here. But then, I’ve always been the odd one I suppose.

I think I am going to start the long transition out of the iOS ecosystem still. I already mused about my thoughts on iOS 6 and Apple a while back and I’m still not happy with what Apple does, nor its developers. I’m not sure what course of action I’ll be taking yet, but its looking like a move to an Android at this point. Though moving platforms isn’t on the top of my priority list right now, what with other things like college and living right now. But I’m going to be doing a lot of research into my options as the days and weeks past. Maybe get myself a nice techie Christmas present. That sounds like fun. :). No point in selling my iPhone, its being sold for free now hah.

News of Relevance:

I don’t tend to talk about politics or incidents like this often, but in this case I feel I have to. A U.S. Official “Sean ‘Vile Rat’ Smith” was killed in Libya yesterday during an attack on the US embassy. What makes him different from most is that he was a respected and senior member in the Eve Online game. Its sad, because the attack by militiamen was in retaliation to a US-produced film that they claimed insulted the Prophet Mohammed and etc and so forth. You know, I try and respect other people’s religions. But it is really hard to respect one’s religion when they violently kill those they don’t agree with. And its really hard to agree when they kill those that had nothing to do with what offended you in the first place. Sean had nothing to do with the film and you ended his life only because he was American. Just….sickening, all of it. It really, really is. But there has also been some pictures that show that not everyone in Libya agrees with the attacks. Good on them. My heart goes out to the family members affected by this tragedy as well as the friends that Sean knew and who must be deeply hurt by this event, both in the physical world and the universe of Eve Online. R.I.P.

I am also disgusted by how both President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have handled the above situation. But that’s all I’m going to say about those two right now.

Audio To Hear:

This Frozen Synapse Red preview just gives you a taste of how awesome this album is. Wish he had more of the music on Soundcloud, but nothing I can do about that.

Captured Internet Photos:

Instagram blocked my last method to link their photos directly to my blog page. Not amused about this. The only way I can link to them is if you share the photos to Twitter, but that creates extra work for me. I’ll have to think of a different solution to this problem, but for now, the Twitter workaround will have to do. More news on this as I look into a solution.

Nice looking stuff here

Videos To See:

Wilsontech1 basically read my mind on this whole iPhone 5 business, so I had to change my thoughts (slightly) on the matter so I didn’t copy him. Wouldn’t want any lawsuits being thrown around now would we. 😉

You need to feel more Manly? Watch this video. Its full of manliness and funniness. (Those are words, deal with it) Epic Rap Battles of Manliness. I had to laugh at the silliness of it all.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long musing about the iPhone 5 release. I didn’t plan on it being that long, but I guess that’s what happens when I have a lot of things to say. Hah. Until next time…


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