Personal Musing 9/11/12: AI War continued gaming, Greenlight approves 10 games, other musings and much more…

So many pretty spire ships…

My Latest Musings:

Its 9/11.

This week is my final week in the apartment I’m currently living in. I’d say I have fond memories or something cheesy like that, but I haven’t been here all that long to gain any. Plus, its been a pretty calm Summer, all things considered. Which in a way has me worried. I rarely have such calm and peaceful stretches in my life. Now I have to wonder if I’m in for a turbulent Winter. Or am I just getting paranoid about this Fall? Hard to say. Ah well, I’ll do what I can. Weather the storm and all that. Sunday was the least productive day. The AI War bug really bit me this week and I did barely anything but that on Sunday. Monday was only slightly better. Yeah, I worked and did a few other things of little importance.

I thought about doing a PM yesterday but decided I didn’t have enough content so I held off till today. I’ve got a bunch of posts to write and so little time to do it. I certainly make things difficult for myself. I also worked out how I’m going to get my next college books as well. Two rentals and one I have to get from the bookstore. I have to get the one from the bookstore since its a UOregon edition of the Physics book I need. No one else sells it unsurprisingly. Oh and then there’s this online code you need too. Yeah, cute. Half tempted to do another Musing on college book publishers again. Sheesh. Listening to Dustforce OST and I’ve started watching Dr. Who on Netflix. Its a….quirky show. Too early to tell if I like/dislike it. Also, did a recording with my friend Dangelus for another episode of TeknoCratik and we talked about clouds ranging from Dropbox to iCloud to Ubuntu One. Be interesting to see how long that episode shapes out to be because we talked for a long time.

This is going to get ugly

So as I mentioned before, I’ve been doing nothing but playing AI War: Fleet Command for the past couple of days during my gaming sessions. Its a bit insane really. I haven’t been this hooked into a game like this since….well, the last time I got really hooked into AIW. I really should do a review of this game, but its an intimidating game to review… So, mostly I’ve been doing more and more of the Fallen Spire campaign and I got the fifth shard back to the home planet. I need to build the 5th city and that’s where I”m pretty sure all hell breaks loose and the AI wants to kill me. With nukes I’ll bet. Anywho…did a good co-op campaign as well and maybe this one will not result in us getting absolutely destroyed by the AI this time. Well, funny thing is, another guy setup the game with triple hard factions enabled and 2X wave multipliers and we got mauled by the AI in quick order. So I took over setting up the game and gimped it so much that we have a shield ninny and special forces AI. Both of which don’t throw waves. Apparently when I tame the AI, I don’t do it in half measures.

News of Relevance:

G4 IS NO MORE. This is the best news. Of this past week. End of story. The death of this channel did not come soon enough and may it forever be bleached from my mind that it ever existed. This channel gave gamers a bad name and I’m glad to see it go. Goodbye.

Trine 2 went on sale recently and its DLC “Goblin Menace” is now available. I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten this game. What is wrong with me…I mean, its so eye-achingly gorgeous and I’ve put it off for so long to buy it. It was even 75% off. Gah. Something must be wrong with me to have avoided buying it this long. The heck…

The Pirate Bay went and promoted an Indie game. Imagine that. The Pirate Bay doing something nice for someone.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s Devs talked about the game two years after it had been released. The crazy part is, they’re selling 10,000 units a month right now. Its just crazy. This game is still on my to-do list, I’m just distracted with other things right now.

Terraria, a game I played a bit of a while back, is heading to Xbox and PS3 quite soon. Interesting bit of news, its just a pity that the dev has quit updating the game.

Steam Greenlight has greenlighted its first 10 games. I think out of the bunch I would get Black Mesa (which is free so that’s fortunate enough). Maybe Project Zomboid too, depending on if they learned from their mistakes. My biggest concern is Kenshi, which seems really rough around the edges and I wonder if they can pull off everything that they are promising. I’ll be impressed if they do. I’m also a little bit surprised that a game like that one got greenlighted like it did, but I guess that means that people aren’t as superficial as I thought they would be on this service. It goes to show that the community doesn’t have one predictable voice to it. I’m glad to see that. If I agreed/disagreed with every game that got greenlighted, then I’d be concerned. I should also mention that Valve has removed down-voting which I’m glad to see. Downvoting was a bad idea period. I mean, for me personally (as an example), I would have downvoted all the sports games simply because I have no interest in sports game. Is that fair to the developers? No. And downvoting could have been used for more nefarious purposes by trolls and such so I’m glad that Steam dropped that mechanic really quickly.

Steam also announced a rather odd new feature, called “Big Picture”. Which, from what I can tell, basically allows Steam to be very accessible from a controller. Its a bit of an odd one considering you still need a PC for Steam and the TV, but its also a cool UI update. Especially the keyboard UI and browser that actually works for controllers. I’ve seen how they work on consoles…its not pretty.

Audio To Hear:

This Filmsack episode about Karate Kid (Original) was hilarious and fun to listen to on Monday.

Captured Internet Photos:

Erm, none today.

Videos To See:

I found this while perusing through the Interwebs tonight. Beautiful. Yes, that is the same Malukah that I’ve featured in a couple of PM posts before.

Freeman’s Mind released its 44th episode. I laughed my butt off when he got the rocket launcher in this episode…this series continues to stay fun.

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  1. I’m sorry, but you are complaining that Kenshi is in alpha and is horribly unpolished, but straight out state that you want to buy Zomboid, which is BROKEN BEYOND BELIEF (ie alpha). Biased opinion much?

    • Erm, you misread what I stated. I had misgivings/concerns about the Kenshi game. I wasn’t complaining about it, I was just concerned that they couldn’t deliver on their promises. I’ve added that in to clarify what I meant. I was also surprised that so many people voted for it as well. I guess it’s nice for once for people to prove me wrong about being a superficial bunch that only want flashy graphics and nothing else.

      I clarified and updated the post. Not trying to be biased here.

      • Ah, well that made more sense. Just sounded more like you complained about the fact that it was unpolished (while also stating it was in alpha) and in the sentence before you (indirectly) praised Zomboid šŸ˜› It looked wierd.

        But okay, now I see your point.

  2. Also, post makes a lot more sense now. Good change!

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