Personal Musing 9/8/12: FTL game, My Day, Portal 2 and more…


My Latest Musings:

As far as free days go, this is one of the rougher ones I’ve had. Though I’m feeling way too many conflicting emotions to really talk about it right now and I’m afraid I may something I’ll regret later. As if I haven’t said enough. But basically, I got blocked by a…”friend” on Twit/FB. Again, I don’t really want to talk about it tonight. I will talk about it later on before college, because its part of a bigger thing I want to talk about. Anyway, past couple of days have been pretty good. This is my last weekend before things start ramping up for college so I’m just taking it pretty chill right now. One amusing thing today, I was talking with my friend Jonathan about smartphones and what’s been going on in the tech area. How Nokia had a PR disaster with their phones (they claimed pictures were being taken from their phone when it was really from a professional camera) and about Apple’s next iPhone event (which is on the 12th). The funny part is that my friend Dangelus tweeted some thoughts about smartphones at the same time. It was just a funny coincidence to me. So yeah, I then worked on my Let’s Play despite the remnants of my cold and published another blog update. So a pretty busy, good day despite the unhappy overtones to it.

Someone actually built this Castle with the Portal 2 engine. That seems insane to me…I wish I had that much time to do crazy stuff like that.

Past couple of days I’ve been playing quite a bit of Portal 2 and AI War: Fleet Command. In a game earlier today, the three of us, Moonshine Fox, Vitka and I, got our butts handed to us by the AI in about an hour or so. A complete loss and a reminder that the AI is not one to be trifled with. It doesn’t help that my playing was sloppy that game and that the AI was at level 8 either. In Portal 2 I’ve been playing through the in-game commentary which has been slightly interesting, though I wish there was more of it. Its been a bit sparse in my opinion. I also did a number of hours with Gareth316 in Portal 2 Co-Op puzzle solving and that was quite a bit of fun, going through some ridiculously difficult puzzles. I’ll be keeping my eye out on the Workshop for more co-op puzzles from now on. My eyes have also caught an interesting game called “FTL“. Its a spaceship simulation rogue-like game. The videos I’ve seen of it have only whetted my appetite for the game. I mean, you get to command a spaceship with a crew. So few games do this that I’m encouraged to see someone else do it.

So a few things. I published my third End of Summer post tonight, which is all about broken reviews and the changes coming to them. Tis a slight importance to read. I also published my 24th episode of my Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII series. Its looking like this series could be coming to an end soon. I guess we’ll find out next week.

News of Relevance:

N/A during the weekends.

Audio To Hear:

Hey, Its Pomplamoose. Just a song I found on their SoundCloud.

For some reason this song of theirs just clicks.

Been listening to nervous_testpilot a lot lately. This comes from his SoundCloud page and it seems to be an unannounced game project.

Captured Internet Photos:

I like this cat of Hoshi, she just puts off this air of arrogance that only a cat can have.

If you missed it yesterday, Google had this cool little homage to Star Trek on their front page.

Jade looks beautiful in this shot. Such a happy looking dog.

Seems like the end of Summer has got all the photographers slacking. C’mon guys, get working! 😉

Videos To See:

This is one of the videos about “FTL” that I was talking about above. It just looks cool. Coming out very soon too.

This ending to the Splinter Cell series Let’s Play by TheAuzzieGamer is really well done.

And I couldn’t help but giggle incessantly at this reading of 50 shades of Grey. Nothing “bad” happens in this vid, its just really awful dialogue…


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