End of Summer Update #3: Broken Review Changes (Now Shortened Reviews)…

The Update about Broken Reviews becoming Shortened Reviews.

Editor’s Note: December 2nd, 2015. Both Broken and Shortened Review series were cancelled a year after this post was made. ALL of those reviews were deleted upon writing this note. Those reviews will either never return or be reborn as Steam reviews or something else in the future.

Broken Reviews are probably the worst thing I’ve published on this blog and I slightly regret publishing them at all. They look and feel half-assed. They don’t add anything of value or any thoughts about the game. And they are the least popular thing I’ve published as well.  As such, its time they got a complete overhaul in look, feel and content. I still want to do them. I still want to cover games that I never finished because that happens pretty often. So here goes, the changes for Broken Reviews:

Changes Coming:

  1. “Broken” is being removed from titles. Broken will now be “Shortened Reviews”.
  2. Much more effort and content being added to the reviews themselves, as well as more pictures featuring the game itself.
  3. Featuring Music If Possible
  4. Better thoughts on what the game did right and wrong
  5. These shortened reviews will now feature the following categories:
  • History of How I found the game
  • What the game is
  • Musings on the Gameplay
  • What the game got right
  • What the game got wrong
  • Final Thoughts
  • Links to Buy the Game
  • Trailer if possible

I’m removing “Broken” because its a terrible descriptor for reviews like these. It suggests that either the review or the game itself is broken when it most likely isn’t. I decided that shortened was a better descriptor to use. Mostly, because I usually cut the game short and quit playing before the end. Thus I have shortened the experience and how much I can review the game. I may change this name if I don’t feel it works in the future, but I feel like this is a better step forward.

And as with all the other review changes, categories are coming to these reviews as well which is probably not that surprising. I had been musing on how to fix them and came up with the above format. I feel this both respects my lack of time to do reviews on unfinished games while also respecting the work that the developers put into the game. I’m trying to go for best of both worlds. I should also mention that this format is not final and may change as time passes and I work on the format. This is just the stepping stone.

Will I ever do “shortened” reviews of Podcasts/YouTube channels? No. Mainly because that content is free and also because that content is very subjective to people’s tastes. There is absolutely no reason for me to do a bunch of similar reviews on say…cooking podcasts or training channels. Besides, I would have to sink an enormous amount of hours into that project and I shudder at the very thought of doing so. Reviews on Podcasts/YouTube is strictly to highlight that which is worth taking a look at. Its not really worth my time to point out the stuff that sucks.

Will prior Broken reviews be updated to this format? Possibly. I can’t make guarantees right now because my schedule is rather cramped, but if I do, I will publish them as new posts under the new format. I’m only going to this with broken reviews because they were so badly thought out and executed. So all in all, I like this idea and I hope you do too.

If you have any thoughts on this new review format, I’d like to hear! Please stay tuned, there should be at least two more End of Summer updates coming for the A Paladin Without A Crusade blog.

Until next time…


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