Personal Musing 9/5/12: Ubisoft’s Interview, Steam’s Greenlight and Community Update, My Illness and much more…

I was doing plenty of this for the past couple of days.

My Latest Musings:

Being sick sucks. Which is what I’ve been ever since Monday. Well, Monday I wasn’t all that bad, just an annoying sore throat. Wake up on Tuesday and its a full blown sore throat with other fun stuff that made me miserable and pretty unproductive. Hence no post yesterday or anything else of much use. I mostly just spent the day watching some YouTube/Netflix and crawling through Greenlight. Not sure I should have been rating games yesterday with how I was, but I figured it was better than doing nothing at all. Oh well. I still went to work yesterday and today despite feeling as I was. I had little choice, I can’t really afford to skip days of work right now. But I managed and took it one step at a time. My illness seems to be passing as I write this so I’m glad about that. It really irks me that it came up now as it delayed some other things I was supposed to be working on. I haven’t been doing much else because of that, other than getting ready to move out of my current apartment into my next one next week. It will be…quite the adjustment.

Fox decided to stir up trouble in our game, it led to this. And then our eventual destruction. Derp.

Had another co-op session in AI War tonight and it went a lot better than last week’s, so I’m very happy about that. Voice comms were a bit iffy, Steam’s Voice chat is a bit lacking and we had trouble with getting Mumble to work so i guess I have to figure that out. Or I might just stick with Steam voice chat. That way, no one has to download anything new and get it to work. I’ve noticed people don’t tend to like installing new programs. Anyway, so I’ve been on a really heavy AI War: Fleet Command kick this week when I was feeling well enough to play. Eventually I’ll get around to my to-do list of games haha. Busy times, busy times.

News of Relevance:

Valve’s Greenlight is now charing $100 entry fee. This was done in order to combat the torrential spam going on and I support it. All proceeds go directly to Child’s Play charity so that’s even good too. While it would have been nice to keep Greenlight free, unfortunately, people caused this deluge of spam and joke games to come along. And even then, if your game isn’t going to sell $100, its questionable you should even be putting it on Steam anyway.

Legend of Grimrock’s devs compiled the full list of features that are coming with their dungeon editor later this year. Its a good amount of features and promises freedom for people to craft some cool levels for the game. It shall be interesting to see what people come up with. I wish I had more time and creativity to come up with my own levels, but alas I don’t. Ah well.

This is a weird game. Its a horror game that uses a bio-metric device that plugs into your PC to measure your heart rate. The faster your heartbeat, the harder the game gets and so on. Its a cool concept and maybe one that I’ll look into at a later date. It will be interesting to see if it actually works, but the devs have some good ideas of what this game could be used for, namely teaching people how to deal with stressful situations and keeping calm.

I….this…this news article pisses me off. It angers me off that the big media corporations act like this. Basically, a UK national newspaper (The Daily Mail) spun a story about a 14 year old boy that killed himself to make it seem like videogames were the cause of it. RPS then went and countered their piece, saying it was a load of crap. This just follows the same line of BS that violent videogames cause people to become more violent. Maybe a few people do, but if games like Call of Duty or Tribes: Ascend caused people to become more violent, then why aren’t we seeing more of it? Considering that millions play CoD, we are seeing very little evidence to support this. I agree that the kid shouldn’t have been playing an M-rated game. (Or 18-certified, as UK rules go). We have those age-ratings for a reason. But this doesn’t prove that games cause violent tendencies.

Steam’s Community section has been updated for everyone. I like what Valve has done with the Community section and I think it helps fix a lot of the problems the older community had, which was the disjointed feeling it had. It also highlights Greenlight and Workshop very prominently which I’m glad to see. I think more improvements could be handled though, namely better moderation of content that is displayed in the Hubs and perhaps bring back what people have been playing. I miss seeing what my steam friends have been playing for the last couple of weeks, it was neat to see that. Though I have to wonder, does anyone actually use the Events system in Steam? I kind of doubt it. We’ll see what Valve does to tinker and improve upon the community section. Though I hope after this major update, they work on some of the client quirks and issues like offline mode and maybe a better browser.

Ubisoft comes back to the forefront of my mind with their interview with RPS. Basically, it was a lot of soulless corporate PR speak with no apologies and still no data to back up their piracy claims. You can’t claim to have a 95% piracy rate without providing some hard facts. The fact that they aren’t releasing their data suggests to me that what they have is bad data in some way and they don’t want to admit it. If they just published their data on piracy and it proved that piracy was as bad as they said, then I’d back down. That’s all I want. Proof. Otherwise, I can also come up with claims about how piracy doesn’t exist and/or hurt anyone. About the only thing really worth note is that Ubisoft is backing off on the always-online DRM policy they’ve had. Due to a lot of customer feedback. Yeah, it seems even the thickest of skulls can realize when they have a bad idea on their hands. Which I applaud them backing down on the always-online DRM. But I think they still need to back down further on their DRM policies. Still on my blacklist as well and I doubt they’ll be coming off it anytime soon. It will take a lot of time for them to get off that anytime soon…

Audio To Hear:

Shattered Haven has a very dark theme to it. Enjoy.

Captured Internet Photos:

Wanted to share a cool castle pic, but the owner had his twitter account private. 🙁 Ah well! Here are a few good ones.

Very sunny Sunflower there

A very cool shot of some cityscape and trains.

Videos To See:

TotalBiscuit interviews the devs of Primal Carnage and I find myself intrigued by the concept of the game. And it doesn’t look half bad. Its Humans VS Dinosuars in an arena-styled gameplay.

Yeah, I’ve been avoiding linking anything to do with Gangnam Style, that ridiculously popular internet meme making the circuits right now. (Though I do listen to the song far too often) But I have to admit, this Mom has mad skills:

Lindsey Stomp and Peter Hollens are back with another collaboration song. Game of Thrones Cover. I like the song, but I feel the song had balance issues and muddled the song a bit. I don’t think it was the right song for both of them to play together on. Idk, its just my opinion and its still a good song overall.

And with that, until next time…


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