Personal Musing 9/3/12: End of Mini-vacation, Portal LP, and some other things…

Another random pic

My Latest Musings:

I’m back at my apartment. Though I came home with a sore throat. Yay!  Blegh. I could have done without that sickness coming home =. Hopefully it doesn’t hinder me too much this week, I really don’t need to be sick right now. I had a good weekend though. This being my third and final mini-vacation for my summer. Did a bunch of work for my parents to clean around the farm and we did quite a bit of work. It does bums me out that the end of summer has come at last. I hope you guys had a good Labor Day weekend too.

The only game I played over the weekend was Shadow Era on my iPad. I’ve been practicing my skills with this game and I’m starting to get better. Starting to. I use two different human warrior decks. It was a nice to take the weekend off for the majority of my typical gaming.

News of Relevance:

Mozilla pulls Firefox Home from the iOS store. I think this is the prelude to the full browser showing up on the iOS store later on. Its an interesting move to remove this app from the store. I used it when I used Firefox way back when, but found it way too limiting to use. But other than that, I don’t have much to say.

Gotham City Imposters goes free-to-play, which is the biggest unsurprise of the year. The game looks ok, but I am not that interested in the superhero verse to invest any time into the game and there are, to be frank, better F2P games. I wasn’t too pleased to see Steam have this game in my library for a day and I wonder if that’s a steam error or really crafty advertisement. Either way, Steam needs to quit doing that.

Intel immerses its servers in oil and shares their results. I found this to be a very interesting article and it will be interesting to see if anyone else uses oil to cool their servers. I can’t imagine they’ll do this with consumer PCs though….but I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

Audio To Hear:

The Upper Memory Block Podcast is back with a look at Railroad Tycoon. Surprisingly, as a train enthusiast, I have yet to play any of the Railroad Tycoon series. Maybe one of these days I will…

How about some “Ambitious Design” by Pablo? Yes, you want it.

Captured Internet Photos:

This cute kitty claimed a lap for the morning. Last report was that the owner was still stuck in her chair 😉

Some lemons…hmm, I suddenly crave lemonade.

Molly isn’t happy with getting her picture taken.

A photo from my fun weekend, some of the firemen that were present.

Videos To See:

My friend Gareth is back after a little hiatus with a new Let’s Play Portal series. You should give it a look if you haven’t played the game. Though it does beg the question…who hasn’t played Portal? ;). Its good to see that Gareth’s skills at recording these continues to improve. Keep up the good work!

Another Monday to start the week off. Woo. Anyway, until next time…


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