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This Personal Musing is short tonight due to mobile limitations. I can’t do all the linking and embedding I usually do because the WordPress apps are…lacking…and getting direct links for content is difficult at best via mobile. So its just me musing about the weekend. Ah well. Tomorrow will be a better post. It makes a bit concerned how much the blog has is dependent on my PC, but there is nothing I can do about it.

So much for peaceful weekends at my parent’s home. Crazy fires and all that. Mostly came home to help around the house and helped I did. First day I cleaned the garage doors and a few other items. Then we had that crazy fire deal which I talk about below. Today we focused on cutting down weeds and grass around some of our fences. We also cut down a tree we’ve had for the longest time, but after we cut it down, we found out that the darn thing had a hive of bees and there was also yellow jackets around. So, we decided to leave it alone until an expert could come deal with them. I also helped clear away a bunch of grass that had choked one of the gates we had. This gate prevented anyone from using it to leave or enter the backyard which when we had a dog was useful. But we don’t have a dog anymore so time to clean up. So all in all, a lot of hard work cleaning up around the place. My youngest brother also came home today from fire fighting some bigger fires in central Oregon. Glad he’s safe and sound.

I thought it was going to be a pretty dull day as days went on Saturday. I was cleaning a garage door when my Dad was running past telling me to come with him. Turning around, I realized there was a lot more smoke coming around the barn than there should have been. Which is normally none at all haha…so yeah, we run to the back of the barn. We find a couple medium sized fires in the back area behind the barn with a ton of smoke around. He had me call 911 for the fire department immediately. There was no way we could have fought that fire. Besides, there was a risk it could have spread to the slough or the barn itself and that would have been bad.

That was the first time I ever called 911. The operator asked quite a few more questions than I expected but eventually the fire crews showed up. Two main fire trucks with a bunch of support vehicles and the Oregon Forestry service, later, checking things out. No one was hurt and there was no property damage worth mentioning. Maybe a few more crispy logs than we had intended and a lot of burned grass. We aren’t sure what started the fire. It’s possible it was too dry and something just sparked it. I guess we won’t know. Either way, it was an unusual way to get an adrenaline rush for the day. I was beat after that.

I uploaded pics to Instagram and Facebook so if you want to see some of what went on, you can check it out there. I’m having some issues adding to the blog post atm so I may update it later with the actual pics. Either way, its been an interesting weekend to say the least. I head back to my apartment later today, since its already Monday when I publish this. Heh. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Its been a memorable weekend for me…

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