Personal Musing 8/30/12: AI War Co-Op, Early Musing on Greenlight and more…

In an AI War kind of mood as of late.

My Latest Musings:

Oof, tired after a particularly long day. And I didn’t quite get all of what I wanted done today. Darn. Oh well, I got pretty close. Between the LP episode and my job, I got done what I could. Busy day. Prepping to head back to parent’s house for Labor Day weekend which should be interesting. Otherwise, on top of starting to get rid of the King Of the Web stuff, I also dropped Hero Academy today. The game just wasn’t grabbing me much and I was a bit annoyed with how Robot Entertainment was selling the game on iOS and Steam. Main thing was, it just felt like a lot of busy work to me. I don’t need more busy work, I’m busy enough as it is with my own projects. heh.

Oh that’s going to hurt…golem there…

Oh lordy, I think I played too much AI War this week. That or I’m just really tired right now. Which is why I’m glad I have the weekend off in a way. I can come back to it refreshed and wanting to play it again. Tonight, I was reminded why we always have voice chat with everyone when playing co-op games. It is simply too aggravating and draining to coordinate between voice and text. Never doing that again. But otherwise, it was a fun night of co-op in AIW. It was a Shadow campaign and we were really starting to get hammered before we ended it for the night. If your interested in joining during 8-10pm PST, hit me up on Steam, I’d be happy to have you join us!

I published my 23rd episode of Breath of Death VII: The Beginning tonight. I wasn’t quite as silly as I was last time, but overall I liked how I did in this episode. Had to do a bit of grinding again but *shrugs*. I’ve kept those grinding portions out of the video just so people don’t get bored. But thankfully I’ve only had two so that hasn’t been much of a problem. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Also, new intro text! Yay! Anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m going to publish anything this weekend. I want to, but if I don’t end up doing anything, I’m going to be focusing on expanding my SoundCloud and Photo choices over the weekend instead. These both really need some serious help as far as Personal Musings are concerned.

News of Relevance:

Valve launched Greenlight upon the masses. Its a pretty interesting system, but a giant time sink I feel. I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to rate all of those games and do anything else. Its also getting some people to go and abuse the system with fake games or games they can’t publish. I guess it isn’t unexpected that this would happen. But it now lies at Valve’s feet to monitor and improve the situation quickly. I truly do hope this experiment works, but I have some worries that maybe the gamer community can’t make smart decisions when it comes to this. I guess at the end of the day, I’m glad its not just us who have a say of what goes on Steam and what doesn’t. I’m glad that Valve isn’t just dropping all their responsibility onto the crowd of gamers because I’m slightly worried that many developers will get shafted by the players while many games that don’t deserve to be on the store will get on there… I guess time will tell either way to see how this works out. Its just way, WAY too early to know.

Audio To Hear:

Rather enjoyed this episode of Anomaly Podcast about Firefly: Jayne’s Town. Thought they had some really interesting perspectives on the episode.

My buddy Rick Moyer joined SoundCloud recently. Considering how much music he has made, he certainly has plenty to share. I enjoy these two tracks quite a bit when I first heard them a while back. A little bit more on the peaceful side of things. I think it also helps that I’m ready for bed so these sound extra good at the moment ;).

Captured Internet Photos:

Hard to resist cute puppies.

Pretty cool shot of a chef’s hands in a blurred motion as he cuts this meat.

Videos To See:

Arcen Games’ has their first teaser trailer for “Shattered Haven”. The fourth game they are adding to their impressive collection of games. Check it out:

Freddiew has a really cool video of old school video game “characters” VS new school of characters. Its quite well done in my opinion and I enjoyed it.

This game got ported to the PC. I’m still trying to figure out why.

And finally, danisnotonfire can’t sleep. I have a few of his sleeping problems sometimes so I can relate.

I hope you enjoyed and until next time!…


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