Personal Musing 8/29/12: Project Giana, Bastion, Annoyance with Angry Birds console port and much more…

Yeah, we got Angry Birds and annoyed people like myself in this post.

My Latest Musings:

Another day, another bunch of hours working. Yesterday and Today weren’t anything really special. Been listening to Machinae Supremacy’s music today, thanks to my friend Dasone pointing me towards them. They have a rather good style to them that I enjoy. Otherwise, I don’t have much to talk about today. At least, not that I can think of, so obviously not all that important. Work is going well too.

AI War is the game for the week it would seem. Been putting more playtime into it. In my Fallen Spire campaign I just built the third Spire city and fended off a huge 7 wave attack from the AIs. That got really ugly, but I barely managed to fend them off. In my co-op with Moonshine Fox, we found the location of one of the AI homeworlds and got to play with the “missions” in the Ancient Shadows areas. Those are pretty neat so far, be interesting to see what they all are in the final form. Oh and I have three Golems at my fleet’s command. I’m a bit OP atm. So definitely having a lot of fun in AI War right now.

Yesterday I put some hours into fixing up the intro text for my Let’s Play series. What I have is rather good and I’m pleased with the results. You’ll get to see it in the next episode when that is recorded and published. Other than that, I’ve just been thinking and musing on my end-of-summer updates. The second one is now published.

News of Relevance:

I’m later on this bit of news than I wanted to be, but I didn’t publish a PM yesterday so that’s more my fault than anything. Then again, I just heard about this game. So…yeah. Project Giana by Black Forest Games is currently on Kickstarter. The original game was pretty much a blatant ripoff of Mario way back in the NES days, but it had some unique mechanics going for it. Nintendo wasn’t very thrilled with them despite it being “slightly unique”. Fastforward 25 years and the dev team is back. They want to bring this platformer in with some unique looks and twists. I find the concept very intriguing, and the music sounds great. But I’m being cautious with this game because I….well….I just suck at platformers. Yet, I keep on trying to play them. Its a really bad compulsion of mine to keep buying platformers even though I rarely finish them and don’t always find them that enjoyable. Its as if I’ve convinced myself that “sooner or later, you’ll become really good at them”. Reality is, I usually just get frustrated with them and drop them like a rock. Ah well. Anyway, don’t let my opinion turn you away, this is looking like a really fun game and I say support their efforts. I would. If I wasn’t broke. 🙁 Anyway, the project has met its $150,000 goal but its pretty unlikely they’ll hit their stretch goals.

I’ve heard about Spy Party before, but its been in development for a very long time. The game is where you are a spy trying to finish his goals in a room full of people at a social function. However, you have to do it with a lot of subtlety, or the other player who is a sniper looking in on the party will take you out. Its a really intriguing concept for the game, but I’v never had the time to look into it. The game had really basic graphics but it seems the dev behind it is teaming up with an artist to give it a much better look. Consider myself really intrigued. Maybe I’ll give the game a look over once its been finished.

Ugh. So. It seems that Activision has decided to cash in on the cash cow that is Angry Birds. The console release of Angry Birds will cost you $40. Plus, there will be premium DLC released. iOS to PC/Console ports have had some pretty nasty price increases before, but this one is the worst one I’ve seen. $40. For a game that originally costed $.99 on my iPhone. There is no way that game is worth $40. So please, don’t buy it. That’s why you have a phone/tablet. Play it there. Please don’t support Activision and Rovio’s attempt to cash in on the Angry Bird craze. Put that $40 to the Indie devs on Xbox or something. They deserve your money a lot more than these…people… Heck, buy Minecraft. Its cheaper anyway. Sadly…I fear this will sell millions regardless. *headdesk* Some days….

Steam has a really nice “Best of British Indie Bundle” on sale right now. For $9.99 you get DEFCON, Eufloria, Frozen Synapse, Gratuitous Space Battles, Revenge of the Titans and Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That!. Frozen Synapse is probably worth the price alone, though Eufloria has me intrigued after trying its demo and GSB isn’t too bad either. Take a look at the bundle, you might see something worthwhile.

And finally, Bastion is now on the iPad. Its crazy how multi-platform this game has gotten, I think I can run it on Chrome too if I remember correctly. I talked about Bastion a while back and while I didn’t completely get engrossed with the game as so many did, it still had some good stuff going for it. I’m curious how well the port of this game is on iPad, but I won’t be trying it out personally.

Audio To Hear:

I rather enjoyed listening to this episode of the Upper Memory Block and Billybob476 talk about the old game “Loom”. I have never heard of this game before and it sounds like a very interesting concept. Listen to him talk about the game:

A song from the Bastion OST, this is one of my favorite tracks of the album.

Captured Internet Photos:

Rick got a cool speaker recently

Another really cute picture of that puppy my friend Dangelus got yesterday.

Videos To See:

This hour long video of in-game footage of the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown game has me really interested in the game. It seems like these guys did a really solid job on the game…so I’ll be keeping a closer eye on this game as we get more stuff for it.

How to be annoying on Facebook. There is this and many other things that so very annoy me when it comes to other people’s posts on Facebook…I might do a musing/RANT on it…

And that’s all for today…until next time…


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