Personal Musing 8/27/12: AI War Gaming, TeknoCratik Episode 1, and much more…


My Latest Musings:

*Yawns* Another work week is starting up. Yesterday was my lazy day. Had some reading to do and then I did more gaming than maybe I should have. But oh well, Sunday is my day completely off. So I get to spend it how I want to darnit. I did do some cleaning though. So it wasn’t completely unproductive. Today was just another day at work and not much else. I’ve mostly been musing on my blog and what I’m going to do after Summer comes to an end. Getting all of this out of the way before school comes into the forefront. Otherwise, its been a really quiet day around the apartment. Hmm…

So yeah, I got really involved in AI War: Fleet Command yesterday…I think it clocks in at 9 hours. *coughs* I haven’t sunk that many hours into a game in one day in a long time. But if any game can, it is most definitely AI War. Something about that game makes it work well on Sunday afternoons when you want to do nothing else. I was doing a Fallen Spire campaign with 7/7.3 AIs and nothing else. No Golems or extra riffraff. Though I’m slightly “cheating” I guess, considering I have Human Resistance and Dyson Sphere side factions activated. Ah well. Anyway, did it so I could enjoy the story they put into that expansion. I have yet to get past the part I hit yesterday, which is where I have built two Spire cities. Previous games tend to end at this point, with the AI walking all over me, reminding me of who’s boss. Ouch. So we’ll see if I survive or not. I’ve also been playing Drox Operative with Moonshine Fox from time to time, including today, and there is something quite enjoyable about that game. Got up to a Battlecruiser level in the game, but not before dying a bunch of times, overloading my power grid to -250 and destroying ships with tons of explosives. Which is the visceral kind of exploding. Mmmmmmmmm. *coughs* So that’s been fun to play.

My Spire Fleet Continues to grow…

My friend Dangelus and I published our first podcast episode of TeknoCratik yesterday. This episode we introduced the objective of the show, discussed what we enjoyed about technology and the current climate of OSes such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Droid and iOS. If I have any comments about this episode, its that it went pretty well in my opinion. I also thought it went longer than it did, but it clocks in at a hour and a half. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode. Should be interesting to see how this podcast evolves.

News of Relevance:

Steam’s Community BETA is now open to all who has a steam account. I have been playing around with all the changes and I really like what Steam has done. The new friend feed is quite well done and looking at photos is much better. I like that I can post status updates on what games I’m playing, I’ve been wanting that for a while now. So yay, people can read more of what I type in more places than ever before ;). And most of all, I’m glad Steam is keeping the community section as a separate section from the main reason we use Steam. For games. They could have, but thankfully avoided going all Facebook-invasive on us with it. So far. I’ll have more thoughts as we keep going in the BETA and eventually the final version, but I give Valve a thumbs up on the Community changes. >Insert Obligatory request for Half Life 3 here<.

Dropbox now has two-step verification if you wish. This helps increase the security of your information against any would-be hackers and I’m glad that Dropbox has included this feature. Considering how much data people run their dropbox accounts, I’m sure this increased security will help ease their minds.

Audio To Hear:

This is one of the songs that will be in the next expansion for AI War: Fleet Command. Its a great tune.

In this Treks In Scifi episode, Rick and Chris take a look at the beginnings of the popular Scifi series: Battlestar Galactica with the movie that started it all. I thought it was a rather good episode myself.

And to round it out, how about some more malukah? Here you go: Age of Aggression.

Captured Internet Photos:

Dangelus got a new little puppy (Tess), its so cute.

That’s quite the music setup.

Videos To See:

Tauberpa is back with another abridged episode of LoZ Twilight Princess. Be warned, its filled with insane craziness and goofiness. But I still laughed my butt off. Maybe its because I appreciate someone taking some fun shots at Legend of Zelda games. heh. Enjoy

I don’t know what kind of magic voice Peter Hollens has, but it makes listening to normally unlistenable songs listenable. And I’m making those words, you can’t stop me. 😉 He’s back with a cover on “We are never ever getting back together”.

And finally, Vsauce talks about shooting guns in space. For science. I had to laugh when he talked about what kind of gun it would take to shoot yourself in the back of the head. That thing is a monster…I can’t believe…wait, no, I can believe someone built that gun. Never mind. Anyway.

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I have been KingIsaacLinksr.

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