Personal Musing: 8/25/12…

Summer’s warm days…

About My Day:

It seems the weather is getting a little cooler but it is still sufficiently warm enough to enjoy the sun. Today was an interesting day. Hung out with a couple friends for most of the day. We went to the local farmer’s market first off. I haven’t been to a farmer’s market in years and obviously this was first time to this one. Its one of the bigger ones I’ve been too. We passed through, just looking at stuff and conversing. Most amusing part of the day was when we passed by the petting booth with large snakes. After that we went and watched an episode of Psych which is a….weird, yet funny show. To say the least. Then we hung out in the sun for a while and watched Anastasia afterwards. Ohh the plot holes I can poke through that movie… Still, we had fun. After that, came home and fixed my LP episode and cleaned up the apartment. Want to do a few more things tomorrow on that front… So all in all, an enjoyable and fun if relaxing day. I’m finding my days are more boring and chill than most other people’s days, if the conversations I have are any indication. Not sure whether I should be glad about that or not. Something to muse about…

Due to an audio imbalance with my latest episode I had to pull my previous LP episode. I went and fixed the problem without much fuss. There is a step I usually do when editing the audio to turn down the background music and I forgot to do it this time and I forgot to double check it too so…bah. Mistakes made but are now fixed. I had to reupload the episode so it is now at a new link. Enjoy:

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

I don’t typically have news on weekend posts, but this one is an exception.

Its both a happy and sad month for NASA. We land a car on Mars and then we lose Neil Armstrong today. At the age of 82, Neil had a long life. And from what little I understand, a quiet life after the Moon landing. To be the first Human on the Moon is an achievement and took a whole heck of a lot of courage. I hope that same courage will inspire more to look towards the stars and dream.

Oh Ubisoft… I feel like I shouldn’t have to keep bringing you up at this point, but you keep on insisting to open your mouth and ejecting stupid things. So a game called “I Am Alive” is coming out on PC. Six months after the console release. This was after the devs said “no one on PC will buy it” & PC players are just bitching that they don’t have it. Then they finally decided to release it on the PC platform. This is from the same company that insists we are all a bunch of pirates and uses a horrendous form of DRM to “protect” their games. The facepalm is so big at this point I’m pretty sure I could crush my desk with it.

Shared Photos Display:

No Photos today :(.

Internet Video Feature:

I found this really funny. Just watch it. Its geeky humor well played :P.

This…odd…video passed through my feed from my friend Moonshine Fox and it is, weird. Just watch… It is an old video so you may have seen it already. I hadn’t though.

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