Personal Musing: 8/24/12…

Zug Zug indeed

About My Day:

Oh life. Blegh to you. Thank goodness it is Friday because it feels like its been a long week. x_x. Yesterday I was a bit off. Today, I’ve been in a pretty good mood. Except for some stupid mistake I found out about. Its fixed…but I’m not very happy about it. Its a financial mistake and that’s alllllllll you need to know. All you need to know. Quit looking at me……………….nope, not spilling the beans here……………….nope…………not even puppy dog eyes will help you……………..good thing no one knows my kryptonite. Hehehehe. Anyway. So yeah, not much else to talk about. I also recorded another Let’s Play episode. A bit later than normal this week, its just been one of those weeks. But it shall be done. Tonight I’m really into the A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda videogame OST for whatever reason.

Played some Metro 2033, been enjoying it so far. Plus some AI War: Fleet Command, which I hit my 150th hour in that game. I don’t think AIW is my most played game, I’d have to boot up WoW & EvE, but its definitely in the top 5 most played. Didn’t get my weekly L4D2 group last night so a bit bummed out about that. =. Instead, I played through some more community made puzzles in Portal 2. They are tricky ones…

Uploaded episode 22 of my Let’s Play episode. I’m a little bit giddy and silly, but the game takes that giddiness and smashes me into the ground. Ouch :(. All in good fun though. Heh.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

Hmm, not sure why, but all the articles are from TechCrunch today. That is a weird coincidence. No gaming news, not much to talk about there.

Pandora’s Android App gets a redesign and a host of improvements. I use Pandora from time to time, so I’m glad to see they are still improving it.

Microsoft has a new logo, as a part of Microsoft redesigning and re-imagining itself, I guess this had to happen sooner or later. I have no real comment on it, other than its ok. I think I prefer the flag logo they had, but I suppose this is no worse. Just affirms that MS is into the boxes idea. Heh, what that means, I don’t know.

Facebook for iOS got a complete upgrade to version 5.0 with much faster speed, better photos, enhanced feed and built-in messenger. iPad also gets Timeline view now. I’ve been playing around with it for a while and it definitely does feel faster and more able. I guess the biggest thing is that it doesn’t suck. The amount this app has sucked to use is staggering and that they finally figure it out now makes me shake my head. The main reason its better is because they are using the native coding language for iOS and not HTML5. Which certainly adds credit to the claim that making your software work for your hardware is a good idea. Anyway, glad it is better. It has been a headache to use for years.

So the news about Apple winning the case against Samsung… (Not even linking a source, I’m sure every tech blog will be covering it by now) Apple won the case against Samsung, where Apple claimed that Samsung violated around 9 of their patents. Sad thing is, it is not a victory for anyone but Apple’s lawyers. I don’t believe that software patents should exist. Except in a few VERY RARE circumstances. Those few rare circumstances I won’t spell out here but Apple was in none of them. I truly dislike what Apple has done here. And I dislike that the courts ruled against Samsung. It sets a horrible precedent for software and hardware development so I hope that in the end Samsung still wins out. I’d also like to point out this will hurt consumers if this ruling sticks. Innovation comes from competition and having Apple stifle that competition is bad for everyone, both Apple and Android users alike. I can only hope wiser minds realize this. We’ll see.

Shared Photos Display:

I haven’t done a lens flare for a while now, did this one today, the sun was nice and bright.

Cute picture of a kid looking at a bird.

Seems a little stowaway got into the back of a van.

Cute little Cotton, she’s looking rather furry today

Internet Video Feature:

I liked LGR’s review of the Apple IIGS. Not sure why this one was so good, but it just was for me. I’m weird like that I guess. Anyway, check it out if your into reviews of really old hardware and their capabilities.

This live action “Sleeping Dogs” video is very well done. The kung-fu action is visceral and weighty and I liked it. Keep in mind, the action is rather brutal and there was one scene with a leg that made me wince and jump at the same time…ouch that’s gotta hurt. That’s really gotta hurt. Anyway, enjoy:

Dunno why, but danisnotonfire’s videos just make me laugh. I can definitely relate with some of the the things he said in this video though.

Another HISHE video, this one about How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended. There are definitely plot holes in the movie and they point them out. Still, I enjoyed The Dark Knight rises despite its flaws. This video made me laugh. 😛

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time…


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