Personal Musing: 8/22/12…

So many things to talk about…so little time to write.

About My Day:

Today was another pretty chill day all things concerned. Work was a bit more busy than it usually is, but otherwise things have been fun so far. I did get to help out my roommate with a laptop problem and that made me feel good. I also played some Portal 2 last night and got through a bunch of custom puzzles. There is some really good creativity among the makers in the workshop. Its fun to take some time to go through the puzzles. So yeah, nothing much I want to talk about today. Ah well.

I published my review and thoughts on Legend of Grimrock. You’ll notice it has a much different setup than my previous reviews. And if it reminds you of my Tidalis review, well, there is a reason for this. I would really like to get some feedback on this new format I’m experimenting with. I’ll be publishing an Update post later this week to explain this and other changes that are coming to A Paladin Without A Crusade blog. But I’d really like to get some feedback on this new post before I do that. Love it, hate it or suggestions you have for it, I’m all ears. Thanks :).

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

Ubisoft’s boss throws out a ludicrous claim that their games have a 95% piracy rate. Huh, well, there are probably several reasons for this. 1: People who legitimately bought their games pirated the cracked and DRM-less versions so they didn’t have to deal with the problems. 2: The DRM is so bad people just decided pirating was the better route. 3: Ubisoft’s boss pulled this percentage out of his ass and has no facts to actually back it up. I’m going with #3. Still, it is slightly ironic that the company that uses the worst forms of DRM on the planet still suffers from piracy problems. Apparently. Let’s keep in mind that there is no way to know for sure how many people pirate games or any other property for that matter. It is also impossible to calculate how many of those were “lost sales”. So, basically, this guy just looks like an idiot to me. Way to go Ubisoft, continue punishing your legitimate buyers with your DRM, its obviously not hurting the pirates any.

Seems the game industry isn’t immune to the hard times we live in. PopCap, THQ and Funcom have had to let a bunch of people go and THQ is still suffering from financial difficulties. I hope those who lost their jobs can get one as soon as possible. This is not a great time to be without a job. Its a pity too, as PopCap and THQ have been doing some rather interesting things lately…but it seems to not be enough.

Chrome for iOS got updated with a bunch of bug fixes and sharing options. Now you can share a web page directly to Twitter, Facebook, Email and Google+. I am very glad to see this, as it will make sharing to Google+ a lot easier on Chrome. I’ve been having to use bookmarklets and those are a bit quirky to use on the mobile browser. So I’m glad to see the improvements. Chrome has done a very good job on iOS despite having a few quirks here and there. Hopefully the bug fixes they put in will take care of them.

Facebook is looking to redesign its messages look and layout with some improvements as well. I suppose its ok, though I don’t often use the messaging service, preferring to use other services for that, but I guess improvements are good. I just wish Facebook would work on fixing Timeline and quit spamming my feed with “trending articles”. Geez, trending articles are the most worthless features they put into Facebook.

Twitter is forbidding Tumblr from finding friends on Twitter’s social network. This is the second company to have this happen after Instagram had its API for finding friends revoked. Moves like this really concern me on Twitter’s future plans. I rather liked having an easy way to find friends from twitter on Instagram and simply removing the API feels like a slap in the face. I don’t really understand why Twitter is revoking access to its API like it is and I’m not a fan of how much it is locking down on it. I would rather Twitter would stay more open…I guess time will tell on how Twitter behaves.

Tribes Ascend has released its 8th update named “Blitz”. Adds a new game mode and tweaks the Technician class along with a whole host of other fixes and changes added to the game. I don’t play Tribes much anymore, on account of not really having anyone to play with by the time I get off work. The game just isn’t all that interesting to play without someone on voice comms. So I’m not sure how good/bad any of these changes are right now.

Shared Photos Display:

A nice flower to look at.

Some rather oddly colored leaves…

Finally, I thought this was a pretty good shot of London.

Internet Video Feature:

I liked this music video. Its a Luigi Love Song to Peach and I think its funny, if not just a little bit sweet. Bah, *shrugs*

I hope you enjoyed, so until next time…


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