Personal Musing: 8/21/12…

Trials and Tribulations…among other things.

About My Days:

Hello all. Been a rough couple of days as far as writing is concerned. Getting into the groove of it just hasn’t happened. Dunno why. Been dealing with a few other things here and there as well. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just…nah, I won’t take an entire month off. I’ll figure it out. So the past couple of days have not been all that interesting to talk about. Sunday was my day off and I’ve decided to quit scheduling writing time for that day. Whatever great idea that I thought I could write on Sunday wasn’t well thought out heh. Yesterday was just another day at work and so was today, though today was quite a bit more busy. I also recorded a TeknoCratik podcast episode with my good friend Dangelus so I’ll link that here when it is live. Otherwise, its just winding down summer. I’m not really looking forward to school, but I have more faith that I’ll do better. So I guess that’s something.

I did finish Legend of Grimrock on Sunday. That game was just enjoyable beginning to finish. The end boss was…surprising to say the least. I didn’t see it coming. I kind of saw the plot twist coming when I got to level 12. I just had the feeling they were. I’ll be interested to see what the developers release for content updates and how well the level creator takes off. Until I see those come out, LoG will stay on my desktop for a while. Its looking like my next game will be Metro 2033. After that, it will be Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I realize in hindsight that I’m going from a nerve-wracking game, to a horror game, to an incredibly scary game all in one go. Truly, that was a brilliant idea. x_x. If my sanity remains intact after those three games, I’ll be amazed.

I find the Jimquisition to be an amusing if abrasive and ego-filled show. Something about the guy though makes him difficult to dislike, so I watch him. While I don’t agree with everything he talks about, this week being a good example, he usually has good reasons for his stance. This week he talked about the value of how whining and complaining (after you buy a game) works more often than boycotting does. He says its because companies actually listen to its buying customers who whine and complain more than they will to everyone else’s complaining. With Bioware enhancing the ending of Mass Effect 3 due to the ragestorm around it and a few other examples that aren’t coming to mind, I find myself hard pressed to disagree with him. I mean, he has a point. Plus, not buying games from certain developers because you have problems with the publishers (Activision, EA, Ubisoft) usually means the developers who made the game get the axe and the publisher keeps pushing out such games as Call of Duty. Especially if the game is unique and interesting and something you’d like to see more of. Which I’ll be darned if he doesn’t have a really good point there. And now I find myself questioning some of the boycotts I have in place and some that I am considering. Obviously, I’m still going to boycott programs like Origin. There is no way I’m letting that software on my systems. But now with games…I have to ponder on whether I should boycott the game or not. Is it really a good idea to ban all games from a publisher simply because I have a problem with them? Not sure….

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

Plants VS Zombies 2 has been announced by PopCap. I figured there would be one, considering how insanely popular PVZ was in the first place. That actually makes me glad that a tower-defense game went so mainstream as this one did. And I had a heck of a time with PVZ, so I’m hoping that PVZ2 is just as great. The only problem is that PopCap got taken over by EA after PVZ came out. Why PopCap sold to them, I still don’t know. (Though I heard they are laying off people so maybe they have financial problems). So of course my worry is that EA will EA-ify this sequel, with Origin-only and other associated crap. I have a limited amount of hope EA will keep its hands off, but who am I kidding. I had the same hopes with the next sequel of SimCity and that game is looking like an absolute nightmare with its DRM. So…here’s hoping.

The next mission to Mars, “Insight”, has been announced and slated for 2016. Its basically a platform that will drill deep into Mars for science and exploration. Glad to see NASA is still kicking despite all the budget cutbacks. Here’s hoping that Insight is as perfect a success as Curiosity’s landing was.

How easy is it to play Windows games on Linux? Well, the guys at RPS have some insights. I’m probably going to be featuring articles like these more because I’d like to see Linux support continue to grow as Windows 8 looms on the horizon. I found this particular article on it interesting and I may start to dabble with Linux in the near future.

And probably the worst game of the year has been getting some reviews. The Expendables 2 the game published by Ubisoft has been getting trashed for being awful. Not even so bad its good awful, its just awful. I can’t believe Ubisoft even put their name on this awful piece of garbage. Geez, don’t you guys have any self-respect? Anyway, please avoid. That should go without saying on movie-to-game translations, but please don’t buy this. I want movie-translation games to die. They are never really that good and they just need to go away so people quit wasting money on them.

Shared Photos Display:

Today is going to be cat-filled, I had some good ones come through my feed. This is Rico’s dog and cat. Kaylee is a cute dog.

Rick’s Stripey, looking as self-important as ever.

Furry cat taking a cat nap. From skyejamie.

From billybob476, apparently this cat is hiding. Doing it wrong…but such a funny cat

Picture of a bridge…not sure where. Looked good imo.

Whoops…someone left that bumper behind.

Internet Video Feature:

Whelp, what happens when you mix a lot of water pressure with Dwarf Fortress? Find out in Moonshine Fox’s latest Let’s Play.

Another take on Expendables 2 the game, tis not a happy ending.

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  1. The bridge is in England. See the big Ferris Wheel?

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