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About My Day:

I didn’t think I was going to do a personal musing today to be quite honest, mostly just didn’t feel like doing one. Wasn’t until I kicked myself in the butt for thinking that. Today was just one of those days. Ah well, I’m over it. Onto writing again!

I sometimes wonder what I give off for an image. Via the internet and the physical world. Between Twitter and my blog, I wonder how people see me. Not often mind you, but my brain does dwell on it. It was some time ago when I was college, I had a guy go completely around me when I was on my walk. That made me pause and made some friends giggle when I talked about it on Facebook. I’m not sure how I should take that reaction by the guy. Trust me, I wasn’t threatening him or giving him a look or anything. I was simply walking along. So I have to wonder, sometimes, how people see me. Hmm…not that I’m asking for an answer, this is just me, musing aloud. 

Anyway, today was pretty much my day off. I continued my journey in Legend of Grimrock and through the 9th level I’m in. I figured out the checker room without any help and felt far too pleased with myself that I had figured out the puzzle like I had. I also did some Drox Operative with Moonshine Fox after some annoying internet and crashing issues on both ends. Organized the room I’m in just a little and my Chrome bookmarks too. As interesting as that is. I’ve also been watching 24 on Netflix. Didn’t think that series would hook me, but it did. Its pretty enjoyable, with enough conspiracies to fill a pool with. Other than that, just chilling and watching my brother reorganize the room. Not bad how he’s got it setup now.

Read this blog post and it struck home for me. I talked recently about that I have read The Dresden Files. The main character, Harry Dresden, is a Wizard who tries to do the right thing. He tries to be the good guy in a world that seems to be out to get him and make his life miserable. For the longest time, he survives and he avoids the temptations of the darkness that offers him the greatest of gifts. All the while, he saves lives. At a particular point though, he falls. He messes up. He makes a deal. A deal that violates his principles and while the deal was to save a particular life, he will still have to deal with the consequences. But then he considers himself a failure for messing up. Its something about human nature that we will not accept anything less than 100% perfection. Despite the fact that we’re human. We make mistakes. And then we let that mistake rule us and we berate ourselves over it. I’m no perfect person either. I made stupid mistakes and I let it rule me for a while. Maybe I’ll talk about that here one day. In any case, I felt the blog post was a good reminder. A reminder that we shouldn’t let our mistakes rule us. I know a few people who I should remind them of this…anyway, just a weird mind tangent I had tonight.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

In another *sigh* worthy bit of news, Rebellion, a dev company, is suing Stardock for using Rebellion in the title of one of their latest games, “Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion”. They state that the use of Rebellion could potentially confuse consumers into believing that Sins is somehow related to the Rebellion company. Whelp, if that’s the case, Rebellion better get after all the other companies, videogames, movies and etc and that have used the world rebellion in their title. Cause good grief, we might confuse them with the company. This is on the same level of stupidity as Bethesda suing Notch (of Minecraft) for using Scrolls as his game’s latest name. As if they owned the trademark on the name. This is as stupid as Appigo suing ToDo devs for using that word and this is as stupid……..well, you get the point. I think Rebellion is going to find themselves laughed out of the court system by the time this is all said and done.

Trine 2, a game that constantly tempts to buy it but I resist is set to release its expansion “Goblin Menace” soon. Full of all sorts of content goodies and new places to explore, it looks fun, beautiful and intriguing. One of these days I’ll get Trine 2.

Routine intrigues me. But given the lack of info on this game, I can’t really say much. But I’m going to keep my eyes on it, maybe there is something really nice about this game. Kind of a Amnesia in space sort of vibe…

Shared Photos Display:

I had to laugh at this pic, why don’t we visit anymore…

And if this picture doesn’t terrify guys, I’m not sure what will. Dang thing looked real when I first saw it.

Internet Video Feature:

So what if a woodchuck chuck could chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Yeah, just watch the vid. I was impressed by the animation quality in this SFM film.

So what if everyone jumped at once? Vsauce is here to answer the question.

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