Personal Musing: 8/14/12…

Never enough water to drink on days like these…

About My Day:

Good day to you. Another day in a heat filled paradise. Sheesh. I think we’ve been at 90 degrees all week and I’m just not used to that. Music of the evening is Frozen Synapse RED soundtrack. Mmmmm this is good stuff. I think I’ll love the OST of this game far more than I could ever love the game itself xD. Ah well. It seems that my brothers are starting a meme war on Facebook. This should be amusing to watch and maybe I’ll throw a few memes into the fight. I also watched some Warehouse 13 and enjoyed that on Hulu. I think this is the last episode I can watch before waiting 30 days for the next episode. Bummer.

I spent most of my remaining afternoon debugging a very annoying problem I’ve been having with YouTube videos. About a week or so ago, YouTube videos in 720p/1080p would lag really badly. This is odd because this is a fresh install of the Windows OS and it shouldn’t have been having problems already. I had left it alone, hoping that an update would eventually fix it. Well, today I got fed up with it. So I checked IE9 and Firefox to see if they were having the same problems. Nope. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. Still no fix. But at this point, I’m 99.999999% positive its the flash player in Chrome or Chrome itself that is causing the problem. I do some investigating (aka: Google) and finally find a solution. Apparently, one of the prior updates to Chrome broke the flash player for some people and the only way to fix it right now is to disable 2 out of 3 parts of the flash extension in the browser. Bit of an odd fix, but I’m back to normal and videos work just fine. I am glad it did work because I was about to move from Chrome to another browser if that didn’t fix it and I don’t really want to right now. I’m content with how Chrome works right now. I’ll have to do those same steps again when Chrome updates until they finally solve the issue. I hope it is soon that they do. Anyway, just something I felt like talking about tonight. I feel ridiculously smart about solving it too, even though I mostly just tested and googled the problem. Ah well, I’ll take my successes where I can get them.

Finally got through the campaign of Tidalis, with some levels skipped last night. Good, interesting story to a fun if difficult puzzle game. A very long campaign too. Also played a bit of Defense Grid. I’ll get back into the more “meaty” games as the week progresses.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

A big congratulations to Hidden Path Entertainment for reaching their goals with Kickstarter. While it might not have been the million dollar level that they had hoped for, this pushes DG2’s advancement forward. Glad I could have supported this Kickstarter, even in as small way as it was. I also hope you helped fun the sequel if you have any liking of the Tower Defense genre. From what has been hinted at, this sequel looks to be big and meaty compared to the original game that it sprung from.

Steam’s Community area is getting some much needed attention with new features, UI and other hinted-at things. So far all that has been talked about is Game Hubs and Groups. These hubs would act as central places on Steam to talk about a specific game. Groups are also getting some much needed attention with a new layout, group discussions and more personalization. I’m glad they are finally putting some attention on Groups, because those have been useless to bother with on Steam. They are usually dead wastelands that no one really bothers with. That’s been my experience with them anyway. I’m really interested to see what Valve does with the Community section. I’ll talk more about this on Thursday/Friday when all the new features have been announced.

Finally, I was really disappointed to see the new Aliens: Colonial Marines video in this article by RPS. The game doesn’t sound like Aliens, it doesn’t look like Aliens and it doesn’t even feel like Aliens. It feels more like Call of Duty with Aliens. You see achievements in the center of the screen, Aliens running directly at you in small mobs (what?) and all sorts of nonsense that doesn’t remind me anything about the movies. Even thought he developers claim it will. I wonder if they actually even watched the films. Its bad enough that this game doesn’t have female marines in this game, now we have this video. It is disappointing to say the least. I don’t get very confident around movie-licensed games and seeing games like this and the Star Trek game just keep confirming my suspicions. I guess this is the game you get when you let SEGA publish your game. Idk. Maybe this game will be better than what they are showing. But I am really skeptical at this point that it will be anything but a bland shooter with Aliens in it.

I don’t normally talk about tech rumors here, but there is a rumor that the Surface, Windows foray into the tablet market, will be priced at $200. Call me skeptical, but I have some really big doubts about this. The Surface is probably as expensive as the iPad if not more. Granted, Windows may be trying to pull an Xbox 360 and trying to price it competitively so people go for the App store and such under Windows control. There’s pretty much no way I’ll go Microsoft though. That would be trading one walled garden for another and at this point, I’m starting to get sick of the flowers in these gardens. So we will see what comes of this. It will be interesting either way.

Shared Photos Display:

Via Toxicdeath on Twitter, apparently having a fun time on his vacation. I’ve never been that close to a dolphin before.

I’m kind of curious how this kitten got stuck in this bread…

Internet Video Feature:

This fun collaberation between different YouTubers was fun to watch. I only recognize FreddieW and Lindsey out of the bunch. Good music on top of it all too :).

Wozniak has some words about the Internet and stuff. I’m still chewing over what he said. I am glad though that he is speaking out like he is. I too have concerns about the path that Microsoft and Apple are pushing us towards. As well as our governments. Hmm….

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