Personal Musing: 8/12/12…

The Weekend is finished, time to start again. 

About My Weekend:

Good, wonderful evening all. That weekend sure blew by fast didn’t it. Listening to “Save Me” by Gotye while I type this musing up. (Which btw, this will be a hefty blog post, just a fyi. Taking the entire weekend off apparently does that xD) This song just hits the right cords with me tonight. I have a very eclectic taste in music. So my library of music reflects with genres ranging from Metal to Easy Listening. About the only genre not in there is pop music, that tends to rub me the wrong way. Maybe that’s because my brothers listen to it so much….something to think about… Anyway, I had a very chill and relaxing weekend at my friends’ house. Scott and Aubrey Bellowes. I went there for a “mini-vacation” to enjoy their company, see their new house and their kittens. I took a few photos on Instagram of them too, you’ll probably see one of them below. Scott is an old friend of mine, from so many years ago. I’m glad we finally got the chance to meet up after all that time. We did pretty much nothing and I was absolutely fine with that.

Ok, maybe not nothing, hehe, we watched Episodes 3-….7? of Alphas. I had initially written the show off due to some (bitter) feelings remaining from Heroes. Remember that show? Yeah, well, I think I heaped that onto Alphas and wrote it off as a bad show. This time around it was certainly better than I remembered. Some of the dialogue is a bit clunky at places still and plots were a bit predictable, but it was still fun to watch. Since it is on Netflix, maybe I’ll get around to watching it again. Speaking of Netflix, I also spent some time looking for a new Sci-Fi show and the first I selected was Battlestar Galactica (New Series). I had…plenty of issues about the mini-series I saw. While I’ve been told to go watch more of the regular series, I’m not sure if I can past the amount of problems I had with the beginning of it. Idk. I guess I’ll think about it. So the search for a new series to watch continues. I’m mostly just looking at older series that aren’t airing right now, so that Netflix actually has the series in its entirety. Also, I went through my queue and removed a bunch of series I had added because they looked good, but after watching weren’t quite that good. Still got plenty to watch left, but if you have any suggestions for me to watch, I’m all ears.

Anyway, back to my trip for a quick moment. We mostly just hung out and played Borderlands and Modern Warfare 3. I was pretty lousy at Borderlands and the game was pretty interesting. Not sure if I like the amount of quests it had in it, but I see why the game was such a success. Don’t think it was enough to draw me into playing Borderlands 2 when it comes out soon. *shrug*. And yeah, played some co-op in MW3 with Scott. I’m apparently not that bad at the game, despite never having played it. Oh sure, I played the first Modern Warfare game, mostly because it was gifted to me. But I hardly played enough to get all that good. It may just be all the FPS games I play these days keeps me in practice. Though I’m rusty as heck handling the controller. So yeah. That and playing with the two cats was quite a bit of fun. Just relaxing and thinking.

So yeah, I had a good weekend that was pretty darn nice to have. I don’t get too many weekends that are chill like that. I did work on my next musing blog post though, but not too much. Just enough to get my thoughts written out in a rough form. So that should be out soon enough. And that’s really about it. A good weekend, all in all.

Highway To Mars Website Link

Oh also, Highway To Mars invited A Paladin Without A Crusade to meet up and talk over Skype on a podcast about Starcraft 1, the Broodwars Expansion and Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Stefan Sawynok and I had a ton of fun reminiscing and talking about these two games. This is only part of the long conversation we had about these games. Starcraft 2 will be released in a later episode which, of course, I’ll link here. We split up the conversation so that it was more listener friendly :). This part is two hours long just by itself. We did also jump around all over the place and, well, waffled on at parts, but its a fun one to listen to in my opinion. Well, granted I am biased hehehe. So here you go, enjoy our chit-chat about the games.


News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

The only story I really want to talk about today is the fact that Blizzard has the hard numbers in Diablo 3 to finally admit that players prefer playing solo more than multiplayer. A lot more. You know, its almost as if we had told them that we didn’t want an MMO experience in Diablo 3 in the first place. Many times. Loudly. Apparently these guys need hard numbers to realize we aren’t all just lying. Sheesh, and just think. We could have avoided that whole DRM mess in the first place had they listened. *sighs*.

Shared Photos Display:

Say hello to Sam. This kitten is so cute I want to hug him. He’s one of the cats I got to meet on my trip.

This white/yellow rose just looks incredible.

This is Kira, the other cat. She’s a lot more independent and less cute than Sam, but they seem to be buds. Also, more camera shy.

My friend in Canada took a shot of this sign. Game of Thrones watchers will get the reference/joke.

Internet Video Feature:

So I’m addicted to Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye. So is the rest of the internet by the looks of it as the band, Gotye, put this mashup of many of the different covers of the song into one video. It is very well done and really spectacular that it all matches so well together.

So LGR did this review of the Life and Death videogame for Apple IIGS. What was most…startling was that he puts on the medical gear and gives the camera these creepy look. I think that image of him will be scarred into my head forever. x_x.

This is Save Me, the song I was referring to earlier.

Some more music to listen to, “Falling Slowly”. By Peter Hollens and Alex G.

And finally, what’s a little Truth or Dare between Internets? (Btw, worst idea in the world to eat a whole chili.) (Just saying) (Also, you wouldn’t catch me dead dancing behind people as they were walking.) (Finally, why am I using these -> ()?) (Idk, I just felt like it.)

So I hope you enjoyed this INCREDIBLY long personal musing. So much to enjoy. 🙂 (Click that like button if you liked this post. It would be great if you did. Just saying. ;)) Until next time…


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