Personal Musing: 8/9/12…

Tiring days

About My Day:

Hello all, been stupidly tired today and I’m not sure why. I guess it is just one of those days. So…yes…yesterday and today have been…exhausting. Wednesday I had to care of college stuff and that should be (finally) nailed down now. I also had a flat tire yesterday on my car, so that took some time to take care of. Today I went and got the tire taken care of and they could find nothing wrong with it…which makes me suspicious so I’ll have to keep an eye on that tire. Fun stuff. Otherwise, it has been nothing but non-stop action, trying to get everything I can done in time for this weekend. Sheesh. I can’t wait for this mini-vacation… Not a lot I really want to talk about otherwise. Probably because I’m so tired, what gives on that, I’ll never know.

Yesterday I went and played a ton of Tidalis and Defense Grid. Just felt like it. Mostly in Tidalis I’m focused on finishing the main story and Defense Grid I’m just doing random levels that seem interesting to me. So much content I could take on in that game. I also had my weekly session with L4D2 though it was off this week due to constant tech problems with people’s computers. Oh well, it can’t be helped I guess.

I also published my next Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII series. Early this week due to the lateness of the previous episode and also due to weekend stuff going on. So I hope you enjoy.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

AI War: Fleet Command’s next expansion “Ancient Shadows” has been announced and has a pre-order available now. It is also in public beta. The main feature of this new expansion is Champions and their effect in this game. I am really excited to see how this expansion plays out and I can’t wait to get to playing it. Whenever I have the time x_x. Such a busy life. Either way, the expansion promises more content, more ships and plenty of other features.

Steam is expanding beyond games this September 5th, with software that will range from creativity to productivity. This has me curious as to what we will see on this service. We’ve also seen movies show up on this service so it is pretty obvious that Valve is dipping their toes into a lot more than just games. I’m looking forward to it. Looking more forward to it than Win 8 store, that’s for sure.

In a bit of hacking news, Apple and Blizzard’s services have been getting hit by hackers so you’ll want to keep an eye on your iCloud and stuff. When a service gets hacked, change your password, and everything else that uses that same password. Its simply safe.

Shared Photos Display:

I finally get in my first lens flare for quite a while. Some berries included.

Rick’s growing some impressive flowers this year

Dawww, this tiny little kitten is so gosh darn cute. I’d hug it, if I could.

Internet Video Feature:

I learned quite a bit from this video about how cats are able to land on their feet all the time. Crazy, how their body and instincts work like that.

Gareth takes a look at Slender. Before you skip over it, I actually enjoyed this video quite a bit. More than any other LP I’ve seen cover this game before. Probably because Gareth is actually acting like a normal person. And not scared of every shadow like some YouTubers seem to act when playing this game. (Which gets really tiresome to watch I might add) This video gives me an idea for future LPs. Anyway, check out this more analytic and sane version of looking at the Slender game. That drum be creepy though…

Another video about Slender from an amusing source, LGR. His take is more “huh? this is it?” reaction. That isn’t very surprising though, I don’t take him for the kind of person to buy into Slender’s form of jump-fear that easily. I also had to laugh that he didn’t jump or anything when he saw Slender and actually walked towards it, saying hi. Hahahahaha. That amused me.

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