Personal Musing: 8/7/12…

It is a crazy world out there….someone’s gotta live in it. So….when do I get that ticket to Mars?

About My Day:

Today was a calmer day, though time flew by at a ridiculously fast pace. I finally fixed the software that was stopping my Let’s Play publishing too. I hope that doesn’t happen too soon, though it probably will. It isn’t as if I’ve been working on the problem for the past few days, just been busy with other priorities. Such is life. Also watched the latest episode of Warehouse 13 on Hulu. Boy, that show just feels darker than it usually is. Funny, but dark. I think I have one episode to go and then I have to wait a month for the episodes to be released. I think I’ll wait the month this time and not watch it on my brother’s cable network. I’m pretty busy as it is this summer and I’d rather watch this during school anyway. Plus, it’s on Hulu so no big deal.

No gaming today, just working on getting episode 19 of my Let’s Play series up and available. I hope you enjoy!

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

The only news I really want to talk about today is that DayZ will be a standalone game. I have little doubt that the game will sell a crazy amount of games. Unless its a spectacularly bad game, but you would think that would be difficult at this point. I gotta say, that guy is one lucky person. To go from designing this minor mod about zombie survival to developing an entire game about zombies…lucky person. At least he’ll have plenty of help and I wish him the best of luck.

Shared Photos Display:

Not entirely sure how that fox got onto a train, but it looks kinda cute.

Internet Video Feature:

So….I really shouldn’t be surprised to see games like this by now. You know? I should be, well, expecting it. But here is….a game….about Crustaceans….battling each other…..with lasers…..*starts laughing* Go check it out.

Famous last words, yeah, this was pretty amusing.

On a side note, I really need to follow more musicians on YouTube. I need more music darnit!


Anyway, until next time…


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