Personal Musing: 8/6/12…

Much has been said…

About My Day:

Phew, you feel that heat this weekend? It was crazy! It hit 100 degrees in the what seems to be most of the Northwest part of the United States. It was just nuts how hot it got. I avoided most of the heat and just enjoyed chilling out over the weekend.Also worked on the random thing here and there and got to hang out with some peeps at a restaurant. Today was pretty productive, especially at work, we had to fix a rather unfortunate problem with MS Office. So that kept me busy. Then I had a great chat with Stefan Sawynok for a long while about Starcraft, Brood War and Starcraft II. It was recorded for his Highway to Mars podcast so I’ll be linking it here when that gets published on the interwebs. Then I went and worked on a blog post and a few other things. All in all, a very busy day and I’m pretty happy with that.

I published a new musing about iOS, Apple and Appigo. Go check it out if your interested in that sort of thing.

Over the weekend I played quite a bit of Legend of Grimrock. Got to level six and fought off my first Ogre. That thing was quite difficult to kill too. This game just continues to be fun and enjoyable to play. I also decided I’m really into Tidalis again, so I’ve been working on finishing the campaign to that game. And I’ve been playing quite a bit of Defense Grid. One of those graphic cards will be mine!!! ;).

I will be closing down my Ping account soon, the social music network that exists in iTunes. Yeah, if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. It was rumored to be killed off soon and I want to focus on other things right now.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

The Mars Curiosity Rover landed on Mars this past weekend. I gotta say, landing a nuclear powered car-sized object on any planet is definitely an achievement in my book. I mean, the last time we did something crazy with a nuclear powered car we muddled around with time…yeah, that went well too didn’t it? ;). You can check out Curiosity and its mission on Mars here. You can also follow the Rover on Twitter or Facebook as it posts photos and other tidbits of information. Color me impressed, NASA did something really good. We really don’t give them enough credit.

Also, Curiosity still has a web app that is getting improved with the Rover’s data. You should check it out, if you like this sort of thing.

Apple is killing off the native YouTube app. Yeah, you can go check out the above blog post I did for my opinion on that change. While it will be good for ad revenue for YouTube and maybe they’ll actually improve the app, I can’t help but feel like we are losing features with this iOS upgrade.

Defense Grid 2’s Kickstarter is in the final week and still needs additional funding. I hope you’ll consider throwing more money at it!

Shared Photos Display:

mmm blueberries. These look good.

Rick’s garden just looks stellar this year.

This flower is cool and bright!

Heh, who’s desk doesn’t look like this?

Internet Video Feature:

I dropped vsauce a little while back but decided to give them another shot recently. Dunno why, I felt like it. Ever wondered what color a mirror is?

I found this YouTube channel here recently which seems to give some interesting information on videogames. I find myself intrigued.

This tribute to Valve is pretty interesting to watch.

Anyone who can make Justin Bieber’s music tolerable to listen to is worth sharing here ;).

So until next time…


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