Personal Musing: 8/3/12…


About My Day:

Hello all. I had planned on publishing a personal musing yesterday but by the time I got it all written up…it was just about my day. No photos, no videos, no news. It was…rather sad. So I trashed the post. But I’m back with another posting and it will have more stuffs included. Today was just a long day at work. Not a bad day, but it was long. Yesterday was much the same thing, work. Its also been really hot lately. Just throwing that out there. I’ve been listening to my Dresden Files audiobooks more than podcasts this week, and am probably going to listen to more of them as the next book should be coming out three months from now. Apparently the author submitted the manuscript and its now being edited.  Thanks to Jon who has been keeping a closer eye on The Dresden Files news more than I. Anyway, that’s about it. Also, my LP episode got delayed due to a software bug. Ugh. Figures.

Been playing more Metro 2033, Legend of Grimrock, Defense Grid and Tidalis the past couple of days. I know, a weird list of games. I’m mostly focused on Grimrock, but I’ll take bite sized chunks of the other three games depending on my mood. I just reached level 4 of Grimrock and the difficulty curve has gone up a bit…so many archers…  So yes, I’m having fun.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

WoW loses 1.1 million subscribers, their biggest loss of players for the game so far. Is the game doomed? Of course it is! I can’t believe this is actually a question for so many. Yes, WoW is doomed to die. This goes for pretty much any videogame and it should be no surprise that WoW will come to an end eventually. The question is: When? Well, if I had to guess, it’ll survive for a couple more years, maybe 5, if they’re lucky. The fact that WoW has survived this long is quite amazing, but all good things come to an end. Unless ActiBlizzard does something completely crazy…which I doubt. I am amused that they blame Diablo 3 for that. It is possible that Diablo caused some players to leave, but 1.1 million? I’m a bit doubtful of that.

I find it amusing that a Political Simulator exists. Not surprising, just amusing. I mean, we have a train simulator, a farming simulator, a garbage truck simulator, why not a political one? This review of it made me chuckle during my lunch break today.

EA is suing Zynga for copying their Sims Social game! Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Zynga has been accused many times of copying other people’s products and it seems like they copied one person too many, as the EA juggernaut is now turning their weapons on them. And this comes at a bit of a bad time, as Zynga are suffering from some financial problems right now. Personally, I say let EA have at them. I may not like EA much these days, but I like Zynga even less. Especially as Zynga has been copying prominent indie developer’s games and ideas. >=(. At least EA buys them out. heh.

Popular android developer of “Dead Trigger” is blasting pirates for forcing him to go freemium with his game. He seems to claim that 80-90% of all the players of his game stole the game and that he had no choice but to go freemium. Personally, I read into the post and it feels like the guy is just trying to justify his new business model and use pirates as the whipping boy. I have a tough time believing “90%” of his playerbase pirated the game. If this was really going on, then companies like Gameloft wouldn’t bother developing games for Android. And if it was such a large problem on iOS, why aren’t we hearing about it from other developers on the platform? Idk, things just don’t add up with this story.

Shared Photos Display:

Two flower photos today, to brighten up your weekend, thanks to Rick Moyer 🙂

Internet Video Feature:

The “infiltroller”, this video was funny. The ending was especially well thought out.

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