Personal Musing: 8/1/12…

Not sure why they call it a hump day…

About My Day:

Hello and welcome back to another musing of my mind. I can’t believe its August already. And of course, the beginning of the month means I hack off another limb and throw it at my bills. =. Beginning of the month is really becoming my least favorite time of the month these days…probably wouldn’t have such issues if I didn’t have financial troubles like I do. But what can I do. That’s just the life of a college student. I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was in a bad mood. Stress mostly, thanks to aforementioned financial stress. I’m better today, but I just wish I didn’t have that particular storm cloud over my head. Its the most difficult one to deal with. I’ve also been dealing with other issues…maybe I’ll talk about them later this week, we’ll see. But it hasn’t been all bad. My job is going well, I’m getting paid and stuff is getting done and I’m not sick. So that’s something to be happy about!

I published two broken reviews for Psychonauts and SpaceChem tonight. Future posts, of course, will be coming down the pipe. I’ve got plenty of stuff to talk about as always, plus some much needed work on my pages.

For gaming, I’ve mostly been focused on Defense Grid and Legend of Grimrock with a little Tidalis sprinkled into the mix. Defense Grid has mostly been just for getting entries in the weekly contests for new GPUs. Which hey, you can’t blame me for trying :P, I have the game, why not. So far…no luck. Which is how it goes anyway so I guess I’m not all that surprised. Legend of Grimrock has been a challenging bit of fun, but I find it oddly satisfying. I’m on level 3 right now, battling giant spiders which seem to be coming out of the walls, which is starting to make me paranoid. Still, something about the game just meshes well together. And its also slightly creepy which apparently I’m into creepy, scary and/or horror-based games. Beginning to wonder if that means something is wrong with me ;). Also, today I played some very fun and hectic Orcs Must Die 2 action with my friend MoonshineFox. Ahh, the game is just so hectic, it’s fun. I was also gifted Metro2033, a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like game, but more linear and underground. I’ve played a bit of it and find myself intrigued by it.

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO has gone F2P. I pretty much figured this was inevitable after their report that subscriptions were dropping off pretty quickly. It might be enough to bring players back in, we’ll see. The problem I heard, was lack of content.

Bethesda has the rights to S.T.A.L.K.E.R…apparently. It is just a rumor at this point, but if what the Ukranian is saying is true, then I have no hope for the series. While Bethesda has obviously had success with similar games to STALKER, I don’t think they can bring back the same atmosphere and depth that STALKER had. Or just the same feeling that those games had. Idk. Suffice it to say, this is a game series who’s future seems bleak.

A Valley Without Wind will be getting an update to its art look and style, which will be free of charge to current players as well as anyone who buys the game from now on. It was initially going to be funded by a kickstarter, but Chris Park decided, in the end, to not go with the Kickstarter. I don’t blame him, it seems that the Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter is getting the Hidden Path dev team quite a bit of flack. Which I don’t understand, but in this case I think it is better that Arcen not get subject to the same amount of flack. So I’m looking forward to see what this new art style does for the game. I will be publishing an “update” to my review series of this game later down the line, probably after the art style has been unleashed officially.

And finally, Amazon just updated its Cloud player music service with basically, iTunes Match features. My friend Jon and I were talking over the phone and as he was telling me the feature list, the same thing repeated in my mind: “this sounds like iTunes Match”. It basically is. The service now matches songs to Amazon’s music library and will also upgrade the audio quality of those files it matches to 256kbps. While they still have a free version that lets you upload 250 songs for free to the cloud, you can also pay $24.99/year to store up to 250,000 songs that are not bought on Amazon’s store. This is a better deal than iTunes Match’s 25,000 song limit. So I’ll give kudos, Amazon gives a better deal, if only slightly. Though I don’t know anyone who has 250,000 songs. I’ve been collecting songs for a large part of my life and have nowhere near that many. But I guess someone, somewhere has that many. It is very odd how Amazon copied Apple’s business model on this. Not saying it is bad, but it is odd.

Shared Photos Display:

This cute kid grabbing for some snacks made me smile today. (via Dannydavies23)

That is a giant beer glass…

Internet Video Feature:

Lindseystomp is back with a very good violin performance in “Phantom of The Opera”. I really enjoyed it.

Danisnotonfire is also back with his amusing take on five different kind of drunks. So far I only know one kind of drunk….maybe that’s a good sign?

So until next time dear readers…


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