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Mondays and Lazy Days…

About My Day:

Monday is an interesting day indeed. Had to get back into the groove of things and it was a bit of a slower start than normal. And I’m having some questions that I’m trying to deal with, of a…idk…can’t think of that word. Philosophical nature. Ah well. I also finished up Farscape today, so today has been a pretty meh day…and I’m not sure why either. Nothing bad happened. Ah well, tomorrow. There isn’t much I want to talk about today, so let’s get into the news then, shall we?

News about Gaming, Tech and Other:

Peter Jackson is going to make the Hobbit a trilogy, rather than the two movies he had originally planned. And I say, let him. I guess its part that I don’t really care about movies as much anymore and part because I think Peter Jackson can do something interesting with three Hobbit Films. If he screws up, then it just cements my suspicions I have with Hollywood at large. Still, it makes me more interesting in the films because I’ve been wanting someone to explore the Middle Earth verse more. And if Peter wants to do it, then let him.

Digg’s relaunch is looking promising, even if the social service has fallen largely by the wayside. I used to be on digg for a very short time, but then left a while later. Problem is, I’m just too dang busy to get involved into such…large “forums” like Digg and Reddit. Maybe I should be more “involved” with them, but it has never been of high priority. Anyway, back to the main topic, the new relaunch looks good, but it seems like too little too late. Maybe they can pull it off, I’m not sure.

Oh Ubisoft. Ubisoft. Ubisoft. Ubisoft. I had all my attention on EA and now you come around and…pull this. Ubisoft’s UPlay DRM software did contain a large security vulnerability in its software and was discovered today. This security vulnerability was caused by a plugin that installed itself (without ANY notification to the user) into Firefox, Chrome and some other browsers. This nice little hole would essentially leave a gaping hole big enough for a world of hackers to do some serious damage to your computer. While it was patched, it now begs the question: why, oh why, was software for a game, installed into a browser? Ubisoft has not been forthcoming with answers or even apologies on the matter, they simply acknowledged that they believe it has been fixed. Mozilla has acted and will ban the software from installing itself into Firefox. This further compounds my reasons for not installing their DRM in games and brings up a lot of questions as to why this software was there in the first place. It is not necessary for any gaming-related service to integrate itself into the browser, unless ofc, its an actual browser game. Which, Ubisoft doesn’t make. Whatever their reasons, all I can say is, don’t support this behavior. Don’t just simply accept it as normal.

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This apple nacho looks rather tasty, never seen anyone do this before. Via kcgeekchic

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