Personal Musing: 7/29/12…

Ahh what a weekend indeed.

Hello all, it has been quite the weekend. On Friday after work, I headed home. My parents and I then got ready to go to my friend Rick Moyer’s art show on Saturday. I passed by some wrecks, but other than that, the day was largely uneventful. I did help fix my parent’s TV so that it actually displays channels in HD. Don’t ask, long, complicated and stupid story behind why that wasn’t fixed sooner. On Saturday, we did just that. Rick lives in Aberdeen so that is quite a few hours from where my parents live, but we got there and basically hang out at the art show all day. It was a lot of fun. We got to talk, chill out and meet people. All of Rick’s family showed up at one time or another. As well as some of us getting sunburned. And listen to….really loud music. The band playing across from the booth could have turned it down. We also took a bunch of photos & videos and eat some Elephant Ears. We also helped take down Rick’s booth and then we all went and got some tasty Chinese and then went our separate ways, after talking for an hour or so swapping stories. If you want to watch a video about some of what we did, get a look at us, check here: YouTube Link. On Sunday, after being rather lazy, we headed home. We stopped in Astoria, got some food and rode the Trolley that runs there. That was quite a bit of fun too. One of the volunteers on the Trolley said he used to do Podcasts, I should have asked him what ones he did. *shrug*. After that, we headed home, and then I had to take even more time to get back to the apartment. That’s always fun. So I’m home now, writing this and preparing….to probably go to bed hah.

Obviously I didn’t do much for gaming over the weekend, but I’m going to give the free-to-play “Hero Academy” game another try this week. It is a asynchronous game where you have two teams battle it out. I kind of ignored it because it was F2P and I am not in a very good mood about that, especially on iOS. But it has been recommended pretty heavily here recently and it is done by the same developers behind Orcs Must Die (1&2). So I’m going to try it out again. Its free and going to be cross platform with Steam here soon so I figured, why not. So if you want to send a match my way, well, just send a match via my name, KingIsaacLinksr. :). I am not guaranteeing I’m going to play for long. It depends on how fun it is and how the F2P system works. If I even so much as sense its questionable, I’m out. The game is available on iOS with Steam coming soon.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

The kickstarter for Castle Story has began and in under 5 hours, the studio has got it completely funded and then some. It is insane how quickly it made its goal. I’d like to support it financially, but I have concerns about content, I am way too busy and I’m too broke. The main reason I am concerned about content is that this is a 3-d, high fidelity game being developed by a new indie company. Creating a ton of content for games like those doesn’t tend to happen for good reason. But, I think you should give it a look. It is a really interesting idea that Sauropod has going and I’ve been following their development for some time now.

The UK finally found a sane judge who ruled that the joke on Twitter that ruined this guy’s life was just a joke. Not an actual threat to anyone. Thank you, UK, for finally figuring out the joke. Even if it was in poor taste. I don’t envy this guy, he has an uphill battle, but hopefully this bit of good news helps.

Bergah….I really….really….really hate this story. I hate it. Basically, the NBC network censored a tribute to terrorist victims in the UK out of the Olympic opening ceremony. Not only that, they went and cut most of a performance by a band group as well as some other things. This pisses me off! We are, apparently, the land of the free! And we censored a part of the opening ceremony, that 99% of the rest of the world got to see, because “We edited for the American audience”?!? WTF! Our friends on the other side of the pond are ticked! And for good reason you insensitive nitwits! I just…just don’t know.

I personally got to see the opening ceremony live and it was a shameful display of NBC’s greed. Commercials were almost literally every five minutes. Long, annoying advertisements. The inane and stupid chatter from the hosts was at an all time high. This has to be the dumbest presentation of a sporting event I have ever watched in my life. And what was actually being done in the UK was probably really great, its just a pity that our commercialism network ruined it so badly. And even today, at the motel I was at, I was just getting more and more ticked off at the presentation. It just isn’t good. Can we please have another network take over this? It also shows that the NBC consider the American population to be a bunch of morons with all that stupid chatter going on. The hosts could have shut their trap for a few minutes, oh except we would be in commercial break. This whole event has reminded me why I loathe watching anything live anymore. NBC, you…just…wow. You made the US look worse than China with its censorship. Congratulations. /golfclap.

That’ll probably, hopefully, be the only time I talk about the Olympics. But we’ll see. And not to leave the news on a rather sour note:

Orcs Must Die 2 is coming out very, very very soon. =). (Today if your reading this tomorrow). I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this sequel. I am looking for someone to co-op this game with btw, so let me know via the comments or Steam.

Social Photo Feature:

Moyer family

This is all but one of the Moyer family that I got to visit. I like Rick’s serious face he has on. I didn’t warn them I was taking the photo :P.

This is one of those rare photos you get to take, and was definitely my favorite of the bunch I took over the weekend.

I got to ride this Trolley in Astoria and it was very neat. I had no idea Astoria ran one of these.

This dog came and visited the booth with his owners.

This bird was with its owner and it apparently cussed at my friend Rick. xD

Ok, I was watching the Olympics and this was RTed in my feed and I burst out laughing seeing this.

Video Feature:

This parody of Skyrim was very amusing to me:

So until next time, I hope you all had a great weekend!


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