Personal Musing: 7/25/12…


Man I am tired today. So what’s up King? Well, yesterday and today I was studying math. Yay…and that required me to get up early for a test and such. So I’m probably tired from that. And that’s really all I was doing yesterday, a lot of that. My head hurts. Anyway, so I’m good all things considered. And that’s really all there is to say about my last couple of days. *shrug*. I’m just trying to enjoy my summertime as much as I possibly can and so far, that’s going well.

Due to my weekends probably being consumed for the next couple of months I am moving my Let’s Play releases to Thursday. Yeah, just an fyi.

I finished up Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Fun game, really brutal violence and all that fun stuff. 6 hours of content for the single player isn’t that great really, but sadly I kind of expected it to be that short. If there is one thing I really liked about it, it was just the audio and everything. Its one of those games I just wanted to constantly turn up and absorb all the impact the game’s action has to offer. I’m not going to bother with the multiplayer of the game, from what I’ve heard it is a split up due to premium DLC and the last game that had that problem just lost my interest in the long run. So yeah. The next game I’m going to be working on finishing is Psychonauts. Where I go from there, we’ll see.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

If you like the Bond franchise and want to follow someone who is reviewing all of them on her blog, then take a look at Karode’s blog. She is watching and reviewing every Bond film in a row this summer and I started following this recently. I have seen my fair share of Bond films so it is always interesting to hear someone else’s take on the franchise. She’s doing pretty good reviews of the films I have to say.

YouTube is now trying to make people use their real names in order to make comments. I am of the opinion this will not work. My immediate thought is that such vile people like trolls will simply make a fake name. It isn’t exactly difficult to make a Google+ account named “Jon Doe” now is it. But Moonshine Fox on twitter was of the opinion that it might work, or at least reduce the amount of spam comments, as he’s seen that happen before when people were forced to use real names. I personally haven’t, when sites forced the usage of Facebook accounts to make comments. But, maybe it happens on other sites. So I guess I’m going to watch and see how this change affects YouTube comments if at all. That section of YouTube is simply a sewer, of the most hateful things that people say to one another. I don’t blame Google trying to fix it, but I’m not sure if this will be enough, if anything will be at all. Time will tell.

Tribes Ascend’s out with a new Update, #7. With Twinfusors, new voice packs and a whole lot of balance changes. It is some nice stuff to be sure. For me, I’m pretty decent at the game these days. I decided to take the game a little less seriously and worry less about being great, because its just not hitting the right vibes for me to want to be great. This is just me, I still enjoy playing it, though more with friends than on my own. Still, this update is very nice and worth taking a look at.

L4D2’s Cold Stream Free DLC is now out with all sorts of goodies. As I’m still playing this game, this is good to hear.

An interesting piece out of the whole Apple update-a-thon is that Safari for Windows may have died? This is rather curious news, as Safari for Windows has been there since 2008 and to suddenly pull it now, makes me wonder if Apple just gave up. My more immediate concern is whether this is a sign of Apple pulling iTunes from Windows….I would hope not. I can only imagine that would be a stupid stupid move. Still, it is a bit confusing as to why it was pulled now.

Social Photo Feature:

I took this shot of a beautiful rose on my way back from work yesterday.

Rick took this great shot of a purple plant

And finally, Al took this great shot of the clouds and the sun setting.

Video Feature:

Orcs Must Die 2, the sequel to one of my favorite TD games is coming soon and this look at the game has me really pumped about the game. It looks like they went and improved everything about the game.

So I have Train Simulator 2012, have had the game for a couple years now. This guy takes a rather amusing look at it and something deeply funny happens in the first 4 minutes of the video that just made my day.

So there you go, I hope you guys have had a good Wednesday and I hope to be back with more content on this here blog. 🙂



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