Personal Musing: 7/23/12…

Weekends are fun times…

Yes, they are fun times indeed. I got to go see The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday, on a whim. It was dirt cheap too, (not including gas), $4. I haven’t paid $4 to see a movie in ever. I’m glad I live right by that particular theater now…heh. Too bad the movie has a metric ton of ads before it, good grief. Avengers had the same thing too. Guess ticket money doesn’t spread that far anymore. Otherwise, it was a fairly chill weekend all things considered and rather warm, I enjoyed going out in the sunshine. I hope this weather keeps holding. Also dealt with more college paperwork, the end is nearly in sight, I have scheduled a test soon to help deal with some of it.

So yeah, blog went through a bit of changes over the weekend. The new Avatar certainly helps :). It feels like a new set of clothes, all fresh and warm. (Also, that is my 250th post on my blog!) My work isn’t done, (never is really) but its a step in the right direction. I’m glad to be divorcing away from using Legend of Zelda stuff. Not that I have anything against LoZ, not by a long shot. I still enjoy LoZ when I get the chance to, but I’m using images that don’t belong to me and that bothers me a lot. So having something that is my own, is a really great feeling. My next thing I’ll be really working on (when I have the time) are the pages and getting them up to snuff, that includes the “about” page. This new avatar also changed my Twitter, Steam, Facebook, YouTube and forum profiles as well, (click the links on the right) some of which had been needing it. So that and the new theme stuff took a big chunk of Sunday to work on. But I’m happy with it. While I had said that I would be using a new theme, I tried about 6 different themes and they didn’t work as well as I had wanted so I returned to spectrum some new looks to it. I like the current “Spectrum” theme, look, style and feeling it has. So yeah, *shrug*. Hope you enjoy and I’d like to hear any comments or suggestions on this.

The Steam Summer Sale came to an end this weekend, hard to believe all things considered and unlike most other sales, I only spent money for two games. Cheap games sure, but only two of them. I’m beginning to wonder if I became so frugal that I’ll never be able to spend money properly ever again! ;). In all seriousness, this was a watch-and-see sale for me anyway. Oh, I got Legend of Grimrock and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines. Legend of Grimrock looks promising for a lot of fun while Warhammer looks like mindless killing Orks action. Did a bit of gaming over the weekend. Played Psychonauts mostly, and I’m liking it pretty good. The platforming is slightly bothersome though….so the question is whether I’ll stick it out and actually finish it. I’m still iffy at this point whether I will or not. Otherwise, the game is enjoyable. Its a huge collect-everything-fest though. Also played some Defense Grid, though failed to get a gold medal on this one level, that eludes me as to why I didn’t. Oh and some Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. That was some fun action. And finally, played some AI War: Fleet Command with MoonshineFox today for the first time in a long time and I’m loving it again. He turned up the difficulty to level 8 though (out of 10) and we didn’t take our first planet until 2 hours into the game xD. Plus, the map was against us, I have never seen such a terribly resource-scare, heavily defended map like I’ve seen in this one. I think the game just hated us. Maybe we’ll survive, I’m a little skeptical though, but we’re pushing forward slowly. But this is such a fun game, I need to play it more often…alas life!

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

An interesting piece about not losing focus on the DLC argument and labeling all DLC as bad. Which I agree, there is still good DLC out there. There are still good “expansion” DLC and even “The Missing Link” DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution was quite good. Problem is, we’re seeing so much bad DLC that it might have damaged the market too much =. I wish companies had higher standards for DLC but so many just don’t. And that is going to backfire in the future if we keep going like we have.

Social Photo Feature:

Such a cute cat (via hipsternathan)

I am amused by talepodcast’s doggie, that looks like it is just pure whipped cream.

Kitty cleaning herself, she looks rather tired.

A nice shot of whispy clouds by mekster

I guess it’s the pet social feature today hah. This cat hangs around my apartment and is quite friendly and looks healthy. Wish I could take it in but my brother would kill me đŸ˜‰

Video Feature:

Pomplamoose has another track, and its an interesting, different take on the Batman theme. I kinda like it.

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