Personal Musing: 7/20/12…

Finally, it is Friday…

Finally, it is Friday. Oops, sorry about that echo. But I’m glad it is Friday, a time to relax and do more work…….right that’s supposed to be good or something. Not a whole lot exciting happened today, since I took over a co-worker’s shift at my job and spent most of my day there. Good for money. :). I was lucky that it didn’t rain on me though, I figured it would have.

I published a rather extensive review of Deus Ex: HR. I’m finding that, while these long reviews are sometimes frustrating to write, that I really enjoy having these published. I am especially happy with how this one turned out and its a pretty good indicator of what my reviews will be looking like for the near future. So what’s planned for this blog this weekend? Well, I’m taking the weekend off writing, I’m going to be devoting whatever spare time I have to working on the new theme of the blog as well as updating the pages, as well as possibly even adding a few more. That’ll depend though so wouldn’t hold your breath. I’ll also be publishing my next Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII too. After all this behind-the-scenes work, it’ll be back to publishing more goodies and such. Hope you have enjoyed these variety of reviews. 🙂

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Not much I want to talk about today. *shrug*

Social Photo Feature:

Lens Flare #410 Red

So I went experimental with this shot of the sun and I kinda like it. Its a bit more flare than I usually like, but its not too bad.


Anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

Video Feature:

And this season of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged comes to an end, it was a very amusing video though.

So until next time…hopefully this place will look a bit better. We’ll see. 🙂


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