Personal Musing: 7/19/12…

Rain rain, GO AWAY.

I can’t believe it is raining in July. And we have had thunderstorms too. Tis a bit odd. You’d think I lived in Oregon or something and….oh….right…I do….*coughs*. Anyway…yes, Thursdays and fun days. I’m not sure why I attribute Thursdays to being fun, but yet I do. How odd. Not a lot of special things went on today, just a few stressful things, mostly college oriented. Egads, I can’t wait for that business to be over with. But I press on. I press on and damn, is it hard to do. And apparently today was not to be my most social day either, no L4D2 multiplayer tonight, among other things, makes me a bit unhappy. I think I need to start up another night for multiplayer fun…will have to think on it.

Played some Defense Grid today, finally kpwned one of the levels for the contest they are having. Man, if I won that graphics card…*droooool*. ūüėČ Still got one level left and it is a tricky level. Dunno why, it really shouldn’t be that difficult for me, yet it is. Ah well.

Published my review of Take Him With You podcast. This is one of the trickiest and most difficult reviews I’ve had thus far. It’s been delayed several times now but I like what I finally got out. So go check it out. Plus, I am also looking at changing the overall look to this blog for the first time in a very long time. The main reason I’m doing this is because the width of posts isn’t that wide. If you notice, Instagram photos look a little bit off and they are slightly compressed in order to fit. So I’m going to be looking for a wordpress theme that allows photos to be bigger and has a few other things that I’m looking for. I am very open to suggestions on this and it won’t be a change made quickly, as I like this current setup, it just has a few things I want changed. If I could, I would just have someone edit the CSS of the blog and fix those issues, but that costs $$$ just to edit the CSS so…kind of out of the question right now. I will be talking about this process on Twitter mostly, especially with any “work-in-progress” announcements.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Ahhh, my favorite punching bag has returned, and it is Diablo 3. I never get tired talking about Diablo 3. It is actually kind of concerning. Imagine if I got really mad about a game that I actually had purchased. I have a feeling I would be unbearable to be around for months. So be thankful for that! ¬†Hahahaha. In any case, the CEO of Blizzard came out and defended the always online DRM, flying in the face of the facts. The fact that the game has been basically a mess since its release, plagued with server issues, login problems and general unhappy players. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, if he came out and said that DRM was decided to be a bad thing, it would show a lack of faith in products or some stupid thing like that. I dunno. Anyway, read the story here:¬†

Indie dev of the XBLA “Fez” refuses to pay Microsoft $10,000+ to apply a patch to fix a game bug that causes issues with saves. While I can understand Fez Dev’s frustration with Microsoft charging so much for a simple patch, (I mean really, $10,000? That’s a bit extreme guys), I’m afraid I have to say: suck it up. Especially since this bug affects your customers, the people that bought your game and could potentially ruin their experience. You guys decided to go exclusively to Xbox and you should have known full well the potential consequences of that. I like how he says that Steam offers updates for free and while that is true, Microsoft =/= Steam and while I wish MS didn’t charge so much for updates, you guys willingly chose to go there. (As far as I know, granted, because I haven’t really read into their history well enough). So this is one of the unfortunate problems with Xbox. Maybe next time make it PC exclusive. We tend to treat Indie devs better over here.

Social Photo Feature:

This first one is a cool shot of the sky with clouds, via talespodcast

Another cool shot of the sky, almost like its on fire.

Video Feature:

A new episode of the Metal Gear Solid 2 abridged series by LordQuadros is out and it is very amusing. Granted, this is definitely one of those you’ll need to see from the beginning to get the jokes. Plus, its about Metal Gear Solid 2…which is a crazy game already, try abridging it and well, any¬†semblance¬†of sense goes out the window. Hah. I’d only watch if you know anything about Metal Gear Solid. Otherwise, it’ll allllll fly over your head.

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