Personal Musing: 7/18/12…

Wednesdays, oh thou Wednesdays.

What a day today was. I had an interview for my second job which I think it went pretty well, better than my previous interviews have gone so far up to this date. It was a group interview too, first time I have ever had one so it was a different experience. Still, getting up early for the interview and walking almost two miles was a challenge. And the odds don’t look too good in my favor, as they have had 500+ applicants so far and they expect to possibly hit over a thousand by the time all is said and done. Ah well, I tried my best, what can I do at this point but wait. Then I had work after the interview and had to deal with more college stuff. Gah, I hope that ends soon…

Been busy on my blog today. Published my first YouTube channel review. It’s pretty good, I think the format could use some more tweaking and work, but I’m just glad to finally get it off the ground so many months after announcing I was going to do it. I also nearly published my next podcast review, but time ran out tonight so I’m going to work on it tomorrow and we’ll see if it comes out then.

Been playing Defense Grid, trying to do the levels for the contest, though these levels are really difficult this week so I’m having trouble actually finishing them. Also been splitting time between Psychonauts and Legend of Grimrock. I just haven’t decided which one I want to finish first. It really depends on whether the platforming in Psychonauts takes a nasty spike in difficulty or not. If it does, then I’ll put it to the side and work on Legend of Grimrock and AVWW. LoG has my attention though, there is something really fun and compelling about the game.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

So apparently, even 4Chan has its limits on what kind of an ass you can be online. Well, not that I can blame them, I mean, if you knew someone stepped on top of the lettuce you could possibly eat at any restaurant, I’d probably want the ass who did that fired too. There isn’t much to say about this story than there already was. But it is always, ALWAYS amusing to me how idiots like this dude think they can get away with crap, even on the Internet, by posting it on the Internet and going “LOLLOL look at what I did!”. Especially in a community that is well known for finding out who and where you are. I will give kudos to the Manager for firing him straight away though…

Interested in exploring Mars as a Mars Rover? Well, now you can. Nasa has built a web-based “game” where you can do exactly that and they seem to have recreated the red planet as best they could. It is in BETA and could use some more work, but it is pretty impressive if this is actually built to scale. Granted, traveling the entire planet will take a very long time.

Social Photo Feature:


I’m kind of surprised, I took yesterday off and that usually means more photos to look through….but people just didn’t share that many photos so I’m just featuring this Daisey by moyer777

Video Feature:

My friend Moonshine Fox (Tobias Linder) has started the Polyphasic Project. The basic idea is that instead of sleeping once or twice a day, you sleep, in small chunks, multiple times a day. I personally think he’s a bit crazy, but he’s doing it for !SCIENCE! and just to see how it goes on his vacation. You can watch his videos thus far below. I wish him luck, but there is no way in heck I would experiment with my sleeping cycles. I have a hard enough time getting up in the day. đŸ˜‰

I found this amusing song about The Dark Knight movie and it seems rather appropriate that I should find it with The Dark Knight Rises so close at hand…I really want to see that movie.

The Auzzie Gamer is back after a long hiatus and is in good form with this Hitman: Sniper Challenge video. I had a lot of fun watching it. đŸ™‚

So until next time dear readers…


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