Personal Musing: 7/16/12…

Blarghar Blrugh? Darabagahlh. Dah.

Ahh I needed that weekend. Just a relaxing and fun weekend. Not a lot happened, just hanging out with friends. My writing sort of short circuited over the weekend so I didn’t publish anything for the blog, but oh well. I did get another episode up and running of my Let’s Play. Also been working on getting things settled with the two colleges…that’s been “fun”. I’d rather not go into detail about it right now, suffice it to say, its annoying. But yeah, this weekend was a lazier than intended weekend. I’ll need to get back into the swing of things asap I think. Today was the same old as every other day I suppose, though some ideas are churning in my head for blog posts. Also studying math. Yay.

So yes, I did publish my latest Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII. I enhanced the animation on the Intro text and a few more audio tweaks. I think I’ll turn up the music slightly in the next episode. Anyway, I continue exploring the dungeons and meet a new boss.

Finished up Deus Ex: Human Revolution over the weekend. That was a lot of fun. While the game has its flaws and problems, it was an enjoyable experience. I’d like to see this dev team continue to make games for the franchise if they can, I think there is a lot of potential that can be fleshed out for more immersive experiences in this futuristic world. Time will tell I suppose. I’ve been watching the Steam Summer Sale as well, seeing what gets offered. Added a few games to the wishlist as well. So far it is up to 5 games. It has been rather sickening how many games had Ubisoft and EA logos attached to them though…pity. Anyway, undecided if I’m going to start playing Legend of Grimrock or Psychonauts next. Depends on which one tickles my fancy more.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Microsoft Announced the next generation of Office. The tl;dr of it all, it seems that Microsoft really wants to push the “cloud” on its customers by making them pay a subscription to use Office. Of course there are the regular, boxed versions of Office as well without subscriptions. But the general idea is, is that Office is a “service” and that you can pay a subscription to keep your documents in the cloud. Also, Office is more tablet-touch friendly, syncs between devices and is “better”. I can’t say I like the idea of subscription-based Office “service”. Who knows though, maybe someone does. Time will tell if this new Office actually works well. Actually, this year is going to be telling for Microsoft, a lot rides on their new Windows 8 OS, tablet and other products. I am very much concerned about their choices at this stage because whether or not I like it, I still use their desktop and such.

EA is back, once again defending their Origin service. They just don’t know how to keep their feet out of their mouth. Now they’ve thrown the argument that Valve had the same problems when they launched Steam and that it caused a major user backlash, though in the long run, people got “over it”. There is a major difference between Valve and EA buddy. Valve actually gives an impression that they care about their customers. You guys on the other hand, have some of the worst customer relations of any gaming company right now. I mean, heck, you were voted the worst company of the year. Valve may have taken some shots but you can actually like them in some ways. EA?…..not so much.

Social Photo Feature:

Got a whole bunch of pics to look at this week, since taking the weekend off tends to do that 😉

Cat in a box

Adorable cat in a box to start us off right 🙂

mmmm Blueberries

mmm Blueberries

The Sky

Lovely shot of the sky on the road

Blooming Rose

This is one of my favorites, this rose just looks great in its full bloom!

Shot of field

A good shot of some growing corn


Apparently Mekster thought this cat looked a little like Yoda…agree?


And last but not least is a colorful shot of flowers, just the right way to start off Monday right?

Video Feature:

So I haven’t got the first clue what 50 Shades of Grey is about, even though I read constant references to it on Twit/FB. However, it seems the voice of Duke Nukem says a few lines that seems to give a very clear picture on what this book is about. I wish he would do audiobooks…(Tis a very hilarious video)

This mix of Someone That I Used to Know and Call Me Maybe by Pomplamoose is very well done. So enjoy it on this Monday. (There is a free MP3 link in the YouTube description)

And finally, because it is so darn cute, this video of a Doberman playing with a kitten. Don’t let the image fool you, they are playing and no pet is harmed in this video. It is just so cute. 🙂


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