Personal Musing: 7/13/12…

Its friday at last. About darn time.

Hello, welcome to my personal musing of my mind. Not a lot to talk about today, just been another day in my life heh. I did get to spend some time out in the gorgeous sun weather and try and get a tan. Though who am I kidding, I’ll never tan. Upside is, I’ll never sunburn either. So life has its interesting trade offs. Tweaked some more of my work flow to be more productive, and the basic idea behind it was to help remember new ideas better and complete blog posts on a better schedule. Other than that, I did what I could today and I’m in a pretty good mood overall. 🙂

I published my newest videogame review: Superbrother’s Sword and Sworcery. What an odd game that was… What to expect…well, I’m going to be working on my first YouTube channel review as well as my Let’s Play series over the weekend. So fingers crossed that gets done quickly.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Not much to talk about today, but here goes:

Dad blames Microsoft for his kid spending over 1,000 pounds. Though the Dad apparently didn’t realize that his kid had full access to his credit card and neither paid attention to the kid or set the kid up with a “child’s account”. Also, I have to frown on the father for allowing the kid to play Call of Duty at 12 years old. Granted, I’m no dad, but that game is just…too young for him. But if you should take anything away from this story, it’s that you should be ever vigilant with your child at all times. It wasn’t Microsoft’s fault that the kid spent 1,000+ pounds, they have all the tools in place to prevent something like this from happening. It is up to you, to get it setup. And if you don’t know how to set it up, then get someone you trust to do it for you. I’ve had this discussion before about the iOS platform and it is no different here either.

Apple is resorting to strong arming retailers into obeying court injunctions on Samsung tech products, specifically the Galaxy Nexus and Tablet. Even though said injunctions have been put on a hold due to appeals. Now I don’t care if Apple’s patents have been violated or not. What I have the biggest issue with, is that Apple is enforcing the law. I. Really. Hate. It. When. Companies. Do. That. It is not for Apple nor Cisco (who I talked about a little while back) or Microsoft or any company for that matter to enforce the law as they see fit. You are not the enforcers. We have an entire system of those. Stop doing it. And really Apple, what gives? Why all these strong arm tactics? You act as if Samsung ate your baby and kicked all your dogs and now your seeking revenge. There is no need of this strong arming and your more likely to tick off those who buy your products. And yeah, that includes me. I’m not happy with any of this, but then again, I’m a lot less happy with the whole patent system and such and think it needs an overhaul to prevent such abuse….maybe one day.

Curious why getting hit in the groin hurts so darn much? Well, this article has some information about why. Idk why, but I had troubles not giggling while reading this. I’m so immature I guess ;).

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Starbucks Drink

This personal musing is (not) sponsored by Starbucks

Sky Shot

Very good shot of the sky I thought

Starbucks drinks

Dunno why, but apparently Starbucks is catching my eye tonight. No, not sponsored by them, though hey, maybe I could be 😉

Yellow Flower art work

This artwork looks great by moyer777, I can’t wait to see these in person!

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Peter Hollens has a new cover for the song “Lights”. Tis quite good if you ask me :).

And until next time, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you have an awesome weekend!


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