Personal Musing: 7/12/12…

Another day in the life of a scottsman….or something.

Good evening readers. Another day of work and trials. Today was a fairly typical day, work and exercise and a few conversations with friends. Got my contract in for my next apartment in a couple months so that’s progress on that front. I just have a few things left to do as far as college next year is concerned. Today was also pretty busy at work, but nothing I couldn’t handle. So all in all, a pretty good day I dare say.

I had my weekly session of L4D2 and I was on fire in the first VS. It was 2 V 3 and we were out numbered. But we chewed right through them and won by a wide margin. I guess Wondervirus and I were just a little OP. Hehe. Second round it was 2 v 2 and I was teamed up with someone else and we got our face stomped in. Ouch.

So I published my latest Broken Review of Crysis. I also worked on the next review I’ve got in the queue, but didn’t quite get it finished before I had to do L4D2. It’s almost done, just needs more editing and look overs. Other than that, I’m hoping to be pretty darn busy this weekend. Let’s hope my productivity doesn’t die hah.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Steam Summer Sale is on! Today was pretty decent all things as far as sales go. I mostly just participated in the collecting badges part. That’s always fun to do every sale. This sale is just me watching what games come to the front and whether I want to add them to my wishlist. I want to send my money more towards, well, saving it obviously, but if I can help it getting new equipment like a chair and stuff like that. I am in no rush to pick up new games right now.

And that’s it really, news has been rather meh today. Keep an eye on Twitter for the Steam deals I think are worth looking at. I’d talk about them here but by the time I publish these Personal Musings, you wouldn’t have much time to read, decide and buy the game. So yeah.

Social Photo Feature:

Lens Flare

Another good Lens Flare, if I do say so myself, from nathan

Picture of a picture

Picture of a picture is a…. đŸ˜‰

Lens Flare #500

I rather liked this pic of my Lens Flare today.

Video Feature:

I got nothing for videos today, been mostly away from YouTube.

So until next time!…


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