Personal Musing: 7/11/12…

Days on end/weeks & days~months and yearsYup they are

I honestly didn’t think I would be doing a Personal Musing tonight. Blame Deus Ex: Human Revolution for me being here. Yeah. Blame a videogame…..right….anyway, I usually don’t post on Wednesdays, but it just so happens that I am… yay for that. Today was pretty typical all things considered…still working on college-related stuff too. Nothing exciting there…unless you love beating your head on the wall wondering why it can’t be simpler. Ergh. Otherwise, it was a rather hot day today, that made my walk “fun”.

So what about Deus Ex? Welllll, there is one major flaw with the game. It has terrible boss fights. The kind of boss fights that make you want to pull the hair out of your head. So I had to reset the game back several hours so I could get the appropriate augmentations to beat the boss fight. Although according to my friend MoonshineFox, I can beat it without those augmentations so I’m going to try again later on. I still have the save before the boss fight. I then switched over to Defense Grid after that happened. And in DG I completed a few levels to get signed into the contest Hidden Path is having in the game. Would be nice if I won this one, that graphics card looks nice. But I’m not holding my breath, I don’t have the greatest of luck with these contests usually.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Bejeweled HD got an update to add a new game called “Lightning” mode. Its a rather interesting mode and that’s all I can say, I haven’t played much because it just came out.

Tiny Wings for iOS got a nice update to 2.0. It also got a proper iPad version. Again, I can’t really say much because it just came out. But its nice that the update is…mostly free, except that the iPad version is a separate app. Still, the game is good fun and I’m glad the guy is still updating it. I pretty much figured this game would never get another update and to see him drop a 2.0 version is good of him. It certainly helps as I haven’t been feeling very….happy with other iOS devs.

Most epic and extensive piece of game art for The Legend of Zelda series? Well, if it isn’t, I want to see what’s better. This is a great bit of art work and if you know anything about the Zelda series, you should check it out and see which characters you do and don’t recognize. Unsurprisingly, I recognize them all or at least know which game they come from. 🙂 Still, this is way too cool, check it out.

Arcen Games has officially announced/teased their next expansion for the AI War: Fleet Command game. AI War: Ancient Shadows. While they haven’t said much about what’s coming in this new expansion, I am alllllll over it. 🙂

Valve refutes EA’s claims that sales cheapen the value of game IPs. I’ve already talked about this before, but this is Valve’s statement on the matter. Suffice it to say, if you took away the deep sales, I wouldn’t buy much for games.

Social Photo Feature:


This pic of a passing train

Video Feature:

This is a cool Film from Source Filmmaker: “Meet the Family”. I found this surprisingly enjoyable. And it looks like the SF program will replace those Garry Mods that are a big part of YouTube right now and I am ok with that. Those videos….are just way too weird.

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