Personal Musing: 7/10/12…

Ahh tuesdays……………………..yeah, that’s all I got about tuesdays ;). Today was a pretty normal day all things considered. Had to fight some tech issues here and there, but overall, things got done. Also hung out with a group of people for a couple hours and just talked a while. And….then that was it. Heh, I know, exciting day. What can I say, but I got to chat with a couple friends of mine that I haven’t for a while.

Played a couple of hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I just got finished in China and am heading to my next destination. So suffice it to say, I’m still enjoying myself.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

So perhaps the best news I’ve gotten this week (as far as gaming goes) is the announcement of Defense Grid 2. Yeah I know, its a tower defense game, but for me, that still remains one of my favorite genres and this is my favorite game of that genre. The devs, Hidden Path Entertainment, are finishing up their work on Counter-Strike: GO in association with Valve, so they felt they could unleash this Kickstarter upon us. This is the first Kickstarter I’m supporting, which surprised even me. Why? because I figured I would be supporting another one first. Said kickstarter hasn’t been announced publicly so I’m not going to talk about it here. Anyway, I reviewed Defense Grid: The Awakening a while back and am very excited about this sequel. It is a bit interesting that they are using Kickstarter and its a pretty expensive project, coming out to $1,000,000 needed to be raised for the game. It is hard to say whether it will hit that level. Along the way, they will be releasing goodies and updates to the original game, all the way up to fully funding the sequel. Go check out the kickstarter to learn more. I am really hopeful and will be paying close attention to this one :). Defense Grid (Original) was also given an update today for a mini-game, something I plan on checking out after this post.

On the subject of Kickstarters, I tweeted on Twitter that I’m becoming concerned with the ridiculous amount of Kickstarter projects that are currently being created left and right. I still think that is the case. I also think that Kickstarters like this one should not exist: Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter. I was under the impression that Kickstarters are for new projects to get attention and funding that they deserve, not to help a business run itself. Apparently it is a-ok with Kickstarter, but I’m not really of the opinion that it is. These guys could have sought funding through premium ways (such as VIP accounts and etc) like many other websites do. There is a ton of precedent for that working in favor of the websites. My worry is that all these projects will choke out other more deserving projects on the website. I guess that’s just me, but lifting ads on a website for me doesn’t seem like a legitimate project for the website. And I am becoming concerned that too many projects being shoved through Kickstarter will cause that “market” to self-implode violently…I guess we’ll see.

Also, I’m in a kickstarter mood today apparently, this kickstarter for a $99 Droid-powered console has me wondering if these devs really know what they are doing or are just scamming people. Even if this thing gets made, will developers make games for it? Will people even buy it? I’m not sure. Apparently a lot of people think it will…I’m a little bit doubtful on these things.

Google+ is now officially on the iPad. After so long. This app was way overdue but I’m glad to see it at last and the app is pretty good so far. Takes advantage of the big screen to provide a pretty enjoyable experience. That said, it’s still lacking features such as editing. C’mon Google, do a little bit better k?

Dropbox doubles the amount of space that pro-users get now. Plus, there is now a 500 GB for $500/year which is pretty darn expensive. The other plans are 100 GB for $100/year & 200 GB for $200/year and of course the free plans. Dropbox remains my favorite cloud service and is still the most reliable one I’ve had thus far. It is simple and easy to use. It is interesting that Dropbox is increasing the space given per dollar rather than reducing the price like other cloud systems.


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