Personal Musing: 7/9/12…


Well, I hadn’t intended to take the weekend off, but it happened. Hm. *shrug*. Nothing I can do about it, other than be less lazy I suppose ;). Granted, I have a legitimate reason, I had been helping my Uncle move out of his apartment into another house. It went better in some ways than I figured it would and we had a few problems I didn’t expect here and there. Still, he’s….mostly moved. It was quite a bit of hard work moving his stuff but at the end of the day, we got what needed done and his new place looks pretty darn neat. So I feel pretty good about that all things considered. After that on Sunday I came back and didn’t do a whole heck of a lot, except for some random stuffs. Today was a bit busier getting back into work and such. After work, I joined my brother and a friend to go down the river nearby in inner-tubes. That was quite a bit of fun, though I suspect my upper arms are going to be sore in the morning. The day was perfect for it too, the right amount of heat with no humidity. The river was cold initially, but you got used to it. Went over several rapids, none were too bad except for one, where I almost got stuck and saw my life flash before my eyes. ;). Ok, a bit overdramatic perhaps but geez… Also managed to hit the one stick in the middle of the river and scrape my back a little. How that happens, I’ll never know. Still it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to go. Hopefully we do more of them. Took three hours to go down I think.

Last night I sunk several hours into Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well as some Tribes: Ascend. Deus Ex, I’m in the competitor’s building trying to investigate into their business and see what they had to do with the attack on Sarif Industries. I’ll give HR some credit, despite some flaws, it is a very fun and beautiful to look at game.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Are consoles just crap PCs these days? Well, this guy seems to think so. Thinking about it these days, it does seem like consoles have a lot of negatives that outweigh the positives of console games. Granted, there are still some there. It is cheaper to buy a console…I think….granted, you add in the controllers and I’m a little less certain on that one. Consoles are also much nicer for “local” friends. You don’t see too many parties using a PC for a 4-player multiplayer game. And consoles (usually) have a guarantee that if you buy the game for that console, it is 99% going to work, compared to PC which is sometimes iffy if your computer is older than 3 years. Still, I’m very concerned that the life of modern consoles is significantly less than the N64 and the Gamecube that my brothers and I STILL own and still work very well. Yeah, that surprises even me that they work as well as they do. And I have my doubts that the Xbox 360 will outlast the Gamecube with all its drm “features”. Thoughts?

Valve is starting a program called “Greenlight” at the end of August. The basic idea of Greenlight, is that its “Workshop” for entire games. You put up a game and if you get enough support from the community, Valve will publish your game on Steam. I’m….tbh, a bit iffy about this idea. It is a great idea in theory….but I’m concerned this will create a lot of “noise” and games will get published that don’t deserve it and games that do will get ignored and put into the minority. I am especially concerned that the more niche titles will get ignored. Granted, maybe Valve have it figured out and they have some tools to help keep it sane, but it is a bit concerning. Maybe this will help some titles that have been rejected from Steam for one reason or another. Still, if this does work and who knows, maybe it will, then it will be a great boon for the Indie developers who are struggling to find their audience. Here’s hoping!

So one blade on a chopper clearly wasn’t enough, we needed to add 17 more of them to lift this bad boy into the sky. This 18-blade chopper seems like an insane idea to me, I mean, 18 blades, really? But that said, if it is as energy efficient as they say, maybe it is worth looking into.

AT&T is trying to win some goodwill back from its customers and man did they ever need it. They still have a long way to go, but this recent feature where they will block stolen cellphones and tablets from being able to access 3G may give pause to thieves in the future. Which, I am all for it. At this point, it’s almost pointless to steal an iPhone, as you can lock it down, track where it is and set the police on you. Heh. I’m glad to see this feature at long last, as it should have been there at the very beginning and it better not cost me anything to use.

Android 4.1 Jellybean source code is now available from Google. I’m not aware of what Jellybean brings to the table right now more than an improved notification system and a few other tweaks and enhancements. I should probably get to snooping around the interwebs I guess.

Social Photo Feature:

Lens Flare #7109

I decided to try and take this extremely difficult shot and I’m pretty happy with the results. This one was tricky because of the angle of the sun and the camera having difficulty with light and focus to get a Lens Flare that wasn’t glaring to look at.

Ocean view

I thought this was a good shot of the ocean with clouds hanging overhead

Lens Flare

Nathan took this cool Lens Flare which he thought of my photos. I thought it looked rather good. 🙂

Pic of Silvio

This beautiful looking cat caught my eye today, named Silvio. I really need my own pet soon, going to go crazy…

Jade the wonder dog who is happy

And never fear Dog lovers, Jade is here to cheer you up. She looks so cute in this photo. I can’t quite tell what’s around her neck though. It’s a chew toy?

Video Feature:

Someone compiled all of these Space Shuttle launches into one video for one glorious send off. It is incredible to watch and to see all of these successful missions into outer space. I still see hope on that horizon….its just whether or not you consider corporations to be better or worse than the government…heh.

There is something to be said for walking away from internet drama….I apparently avoid 95% of it just by not reading YouTube comments ;).

And I hope you enjoyed this healthy-sized PM, until next time…


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