Personal Musing: 7/6/12…

Today, today today.

Ah Fridays, gotta love them. With the exception of my video software buggering up on me, I’ve had a pretty solid day all things considered. Not much to talk about though, I worked, I worked some more, cleaned up, etc and so forth. Just one of those days heh.

Worked on the Tower of Light page, but it is going to take more work before it is “out of BETA”. However, I rather like this new style I have going for it. Though I’m a bit uncertain as to whether it will stay or not. WordPress isn’t very flexible with pictures and texts and multiples of them. It is one of my rather large annoyances with WordPress, I wish they would work on it. Oh well.

Episode 15 of my Let’s Play will be published. Having some problematic issues with the software this time around, so it is taking longer than I had intended. I’ll updating this PM in a few hours when it is up and running. In any case, I hope you enjoy the following episode. Also recorded the next couple of episodes so I’m going to be doing some more editing work before they published.

And now it is published:

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

It seems that Cisco isn’t a brainless corporation quite yet. After they removed the troublesome Terms of Service, they took the extra step and made their “cloud” programs completely optional, restoring the routers to normal. Why they didn’t just do this in the first place, you know, to avoid a PR disaster, I’ll never understand with these companies. I’m a lot less likely to buy their products from here on out though. This sort of move had to be known what they were doing. As such, hard to trust them.

Minecraft players have been busier than I could have imagined. They are actually recreating the places from A Game of Thrones inside the game. The size and scale of it is…well, insane. I really need to get myself involved in a game like DayZ or Minecraft one of these days, I think I’m really missing out on some experiences. But ah well, I manage as best I can. Go check it out, it is really impressive.

Social Photo Feature:

I rather liked this lens flare I took today

I am always amused by Spaltor’s cat, especially in this photo.

Video Feature:

So I saw this prank being pulled and I had to laugh. Using your own hair as a wig to pull a prank on friends and family….genius. It is an incredibly funny video and you should check it out.

So how often do you have a conversation with your 12 year old self? Well, not too often. And if you do, maybe you should seek medical help. Check this one out.

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