Personal Musing: 7/5/12…

Thursdays, hard work, fireworks……

Good evening all, hope your well. Bit of an early personal musing tonight, but I figured why not. Yesterday was fun, mostly just sat around, did nothing and then more nothing :P. I got to go to a BBQ party for the 4th of July and we didn’t get to see too many fireworks and nor did we have too many to light off, but it was fun to just hang out and talk for the night. I also went through boxes and organized stuff. Today, I was at work and worked on college related stuff. Ergh, that’s never ending it feels like, but making progress. So yeah, that’s the past couple of days. Really exciting, I know.

I wasn’t a total lazy person yesterday, I did review Limbo. I also reviewed the Film Sack podcast tonight. I just am writing my socks off. I also went through and edited my first two podcast reviews with some minor details that I forgot to include the last time around. I’ll be recording my Let’s Play series tomorrow I think. So busy busy busy as always for me.

Played some Deus Ex: HR and Tribes Ascend yesterday. In Deus Ex, I am now in China, and I’m helping by taking out drug warlords. So…that’s an interesting side quest that I’m on. I also did pretty good in Tribes, not fantastic, but pretty good. Tonight I had my weekly Left 4 Dead 2 session which was great fun as always. Did the Cold Stream Versus campaign. Man, that is a real tough one. Our team won that one, though we lost the previous campaign.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

So….something you don’t hear about often in videogames is your character in a game getting kidnapped. I mean, really kidnapped, not that fake, staged sort of kidnapping. Well, DayZ, the zombie mod, had that happen to a guy’s character. Suffice it to say I went “wut?” and laughed a bit. That mod just seems to bring out more and more experiences from the game. The short of it is, a guy got kidnapped by a bunch of soldiers to be their slave and scout out possible zombies for them. The story write up is an interesting read and makes me wonder if I’m missing something by not playing this game. Ah well, maybe another game.

So Cisco/Linksys caught my evil-radar yesterday, with this story. The short of it is, Cisco is using “the cloud” to justify some really terrible Terms and Conditions for using their routers. Basically, it can shut down your access to the internet if your “violating any laws”. Given how broad a term that is, I am not trusting Linksys routers ever again. Nor any company that uses such terms. I’m sorry, but until you convict me in a court of law, no company deserves this much control over my internet access. And before you start saying “Well if you don’t do anything criminal, nothing bad will happen to you”. That’s not the point. Taking the law into your own hands is not what corporations are there for. They are to provide a service, nothing else. It is up to our law enforcers, FBI, police and so on to determine things such as this. And disregarding all of that, I sure as heck don’t trust Cisco.

Social Photo Feature:

This treat sure looks yummy

Looks like Rick’s sunflowers are getting closer to blooming

This is a great looking flower, nice and colorful.

Video Feature:

So this person on YouTube used the Source Movie Maker program recently released by Valve to create this song about Hats in the same vein of that one Disney song….which I’ve forgotten the name of it. x_X Anyway…it’s quite impressive considering he says it only took him 15 hours to do the whole video. So enjoy!

So yes, until next time…


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