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Whelp, I think I am a bit overdue that we do a podcast review. A few months overdue in fact but hey, let’s start by looking at the Film Sack podcast why don’t we? This is a unique little podcast so grab a beer, sit back and enjoy this review of the Film Sack podcast…

Film Sack is a podcast where four guys sit down and talk about a strange movie that they picked out of the library selection in Netflix’s instant streaming. They truly do mine through the depths of film entertainment and find some of the strangest movies I’ve never heard of. It could be anything from the horror genre to action adventure, they aren’t too picky with the genres. However, it has to be a film that can be “sacked” or a film that can be made fun of. The criteria for the movies they choose is a bit odd, but they seem to have a knack for picking the films that are the most entertaining to hear them talk about. I first picked up this show a little bit after I started listening to Extra Life Radio podcast. ELR was a show headed by Scott Johnson at the time with three other co-hosts, though that show has since been cancelled. I started listening to ELR (and Film Sack) within the first year of getting my iPod touch. Though I’m a bit fuzzy on when, I’ve been listening to Film Sack a long time.

What sets this podcast apart:

Each episode is split up into several sections. You have the first part, where Scott introduces the other three co-hosts from someone/something in the movie they saw. The co-hosts then have a couple of lines about the movie, usually pretty funny. They then let Scott Fletcher, the announcer, give you the a description of the movie. From there, they talk about the movie, their thoughts on the film, what they liked/didn’t like and a lot of other things, depending on the film. If the film is especially bad, they tend to go on tangents and talk about other films. Further into the podcast, Scott will play a bunch of clips from the film and hand out “awards” to each film. Finally, the three other co-hosts will give their “twitter post” summarizing the movie and the episode ends. Sometimes they will mix it up and throw in “bonus tracks” of entire film commentaries where they will watch the entire movie and just talk in the background. They were at one point covering episodes of Star Trek, but that seems to be on pause right now for whatever reason. Still, the shows are well structured and for the hour and 30 minutes, time just flies on by while we’re all having fun.

The four co-hosts

Film Sack is one of those unique…I almost want to say accidents. It is rare to find a podcast with four people have this good of chemistry and don’t feel like they’re trying to hog listening time over each other or don’t talk enough. Plus, each episode is very entertaining and the comedy always has me in fits of giggles, sometimes in really awkward situations. If I need a good laugh, this is a podcast I turn to often because I’m usually guaranteed one. I’m not the biggest film buff so a lot of the actors’ names will go over my head or references to other movies, but you don’t need to be a big film buff to enjoy listening to these guys. Which I have enjoyed listening to them immensely over the years.

Choosing Netflix as the base library is a great idea and it is a bit surprising that Netflix doesn’t sponsor them. But anyway, I say it is a great idea because if you want to watch a movie before or after the podcast is published, you don’t have to go hunting through your library or, you can open up Netflix and find the movie that way. If they cover it, there is a 99% chance that you can watch it on Instant Streaming. Which makes it very convenient for those of us that don’t have a giant movie library.

There isn’t a lot I could say that needs improvement with the show. If you’ll have difficulty at all with the show, it’ll be getting some of the lingo and in-jokes that are used on the show. It gets easier as you go along, but that might cause issues at first. The show is sponsored by Audible (most of the time) so you’ll get an advertisement by Scott thrown into the show at certain times. The podcast is also not-enhanced and podcast notes only contain the title of the show. Community interactions are usually emails sent in and sometimes they’ll take suggestions for future shows.

If your looking for a very comedic look at films throughout the decades, then give Film Sack a try. The hosts have a fun time and seem to know their stuff. If nothing else, you’ll get a laugh out of it and we could all use more of those.

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  1. Love Film Sack. Sadly our “Netflix” doesn’t stream the same as USA version. However I agree on most of what you said.

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