Thoughts: On GetGlue…

Ahh Getglue was my second try into the “checking-in” social media sector. The first one was foursquare, which I left last year due to find it generally pointless. I tried GetGlue as sort of an experiment to see how much I liked it and whether it would increase interactions on Twitter and Facebook. Well, I’m here to talk on my thoughts on GetGlue as a service and whether it brought any value.

The short answer is no. Just going to put that up front right here and now. For the most part, interactions were pretty limited and disparate. One thing I found is that I actually started restraining myself from checking-in to prevent spamming my friend’s feeds. I think the fact that I did that made me aware, this service just isn’t for me. I also found as time passed, I began to ignore what other people checked in about. I think I only responded to a couple people’s check-ins, but as a whole I began filtering it out when I read my twitter feed. Combine that with a few complaints about the spamming of feeds, I decided it was time to let GetGlue go. I am of the opinion that if I don’t enjoy reading something, then why would anyone else? I don’t need stickers (aka badges) and I don’t really care about badges. And if I really wanted to let people know what I was watching, it was a lot faster to simply tweet/post the message than getting into the app and checking in on it. Plus, I found those tended to get more interactions. I find that rather interesting that not posting from an app got me more interactions than posting from the app. One of those quirks of social media. I will give GetGlue some kudos though, the stickers idea is rather neat. In its own way. To actually be able to get free stickers every so often and be able to collect them is cool. I mean, you don’t see that very often from internet stuff that you can collect something physical for free, if you work for them. If I were more into stickers, maybe I would still use GetGlue. And the service generally worked very well for me. There was very little downtime, GetGlue seemed to have a good idea of what it was and the service ran smoothly. So it isn’t like GetGlue is really bad or anything, it just doesn’t add any value to me personally.

In conclusion, GetGlue isn’t for me. I’m of the opinion that check-in services like these are fads and will eventually disappear in time. The amount they contribute to social media is sketchy at best and more times than not I hear of people complaining of the spam they throw into everyone’s feeds. And considering that people I know are using these services less and less as time passes seems to confirm that. As of this publishing, I will be deleting my GetGlue account permanently. For me, that just means I can focus more on Twitter/FB/G+ and participating in those services. For people who continue to use GetGlue, that’s your choice. If you do find value in services like GetGlue or Foursquare, what is it? I’d like to hear you thoughts.

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  1. Get glue is fun sadly its very usa focused. Since most of the exclusive stickers are for shows on at American time zones and American tv stations. How ever the stickers still ship internationaly for free so its an bonus.

    I primary check in when I want to pimp my YouTube stuff.

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