Personal Musing: 7/3/12…

Let’s get this party started and then some, shall we?

Ahhh what a good day today was. I woke up, faced the day and pwned it in the face. Well, sort of…maybe. Walking back and forth from work was more difficult than I thought it would be though. Dunno why, but it took a lot of effort. I blame my side-pack I have to carry. Speaking of that pack, (it’s actually a laptop case that I “converted” into a general purpose backpack), I got a new, better strap pad for it. The old one was wearing out and was starting to kill my shoulders. Considering I have to carry that for the next couple of months at least 4 miles, I decided it was time to replace it. I also have the day off tomorrow as it is the 4th of July so Happy 4th of July to all my readers. I hope you go and get to see at least a few fireworks. After that, more cleaning up, work on stuff I need to do, etc. Oh, and here’s a pic of the new strap:

And yes, it does glow like that. 😉 (Jk)

Apparently my writing mojo is back. I wrote my Thoughts on GetGlue in this post here: This Link. I also wrote a review of the Downcast App for iOS on TeknoCratik tonight. With this personal musing, I am just the writing machine tonight :D. I’m hoping this keeps going, I really want to catchup on my writing. Since I have tomorrow off, I’ve got some ideas on what I’m going to work on next. Not saying here, don’t want to jinx myself! 😛

Played Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a couple hours last night. That game has been quite a bit of fun, though I went up against the first boss…and man that was a frustrating difficult fight. I can see why people had a lot of complaints about the bosses. Didn’t play anything today, was too focused on other things.

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

Not much for news today, but this story caught my eye: The US Government officially denies the existence of Mermaids. Erm…umm….uhh…what? I….I don’t know why they did this…but…ok? I’m glad we needed confirmation from you guys on this one…still, it does make you wonder if they actually caught one and don’t want anyone to know. Haha…conspiracy theories.

The EU dropped quite the bombshell on the videogame community today with the ruling that you, as a consumer, have a right to resell the digital copies of your videogames. This is…well, incredibly surprising. How gaming publishers will respond to this ruling will be very interesting to watch, but it would be great to be able to resell games that I regretted buying digitally. Of course, it only applies to the EU…and I have a feeling that the US will take a half century to get around to consumer rights in the internet right now. Considering they can’t solve our current problems in the “real world”. But it gives me hope that at least someone in a government still cares about consumer rights and not just company rights. How this will all get implemented and such is unknown, but it gives me hope nonetheless.

Social Photo Feature:

Nothing really caught my eye today, better luck next time I suppose.

Video Feature:

And again, nothing I really want to feature here.

So until next time, Happy 4th of July and I’ll talk to you soon!


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