Personal Musing: 7/2/12…

Monday’s a fun day.

Well, hello again. Ergh, this morning started off pretty badly, had a tough time sleeping and generally didn’t feel too hot when I woke up. Wasn’t sick or anything, just one of those “I feel like crap due to poor sleep” wakeups. I recovered during my walk, so it is all fine and dandy now. Fortunately, my morning didn’t dictate how my day went and I’m feeling good as I type on this post tonight. Good enough to work on a few blog posts, which I’m glad my writing/creativity mojo is back this week. Course, that isn’t the only thing I worked on today, got some other misc stuff done that I needed to work on, like going through some boxes. So all in all, a productive day. I just wish I had more time to do more things.

So I took yesterday off to just game and relax after all the moving. I finished up Orcs Must Die’s normal difficulty levels with 5 skulls (out of 5) for each level. My goal with that game was to get those five skulls for the normal levels before Orcs Must Die 2 came out later this month. I still have the DLC levels and hard mode for each level left to complete, but I’ll work on those at a later time. I’m rather excited about Orcs Must Die 2 due to its co-op features. I just hope the game delivers, and I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. Also played some Tribes Ascend and quite a few hours in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ve forgotten how fun games like Deus Ex used to be. I think I blame that on the issues I took with the Mass Effect games that I’ve forgotten how much enjoyment I get out of games like these. Anyway, I had quite a bit of fun with those games.

I published my Musing on our focus on negativity tonight, which you can convienently go to here: this wordpress link. I don’t really have anything more to add here for that post, other than stay tuned for more content soon :).

All Sorts of Tech & Gaming News:

First up, I want to talk about this article: I…find this…well, I don’t have an emotion to correctly describe the feeling. I’m not really going to sum it up, go and read it. But this is pretty dang concerning that people don’t disconnect after hours from work. You need a break sometime and cmon, your not being paid for that additional work you do. If your company can’t live without you for the night, maybe there is something wrong with the company. Idk, just thinking out loud. But we seem to have discovered a downside to the technology and always-connectedness we are currently in.

Google is joining Samsung in its fight against Apple and their lawsuits. Apple is currently being blasted for its bullying tactics in getting the Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and the Samsung Tablet banned from being sold in the US via injunctions. Basically, Apple is claiming that Samsung is violating patents that Apple holds and has asked for its removal. Honestly…I just don’t see how Samsung violates Apple’s patents. It is clear this is a unpopular move by Apple to make and has lead to the #BoyCottApple trend to show up on Twitter & Google+. Really, we just need to boycott the whole patent and copyright system until it is completely overhauled to prevent abuses like this from happening in the future. Unless a product is blatantly copying another product, suits like these are just ridiculous.

MobileMe, the first cloud system that Apple created, which was replaced by iCloud, has now been shut down and the data on MobileMe is only available until the end of July. I never really used MobileMe, as it was a paid-for service and never quite worked correctly. With MobileMe being shut down, eyes are now turning to see if Apple is going to shut down its other recent notorious failure, Ping, the social media network that never really took off.

Mozilla announced Firefox OS for Mobile, which would make it a truly open-source phone. I am rather interested to see if Mozilla built some worthwhile phones out of this, but it is an uphill battle as they are facing both Google and Apple which have a strong claim on the market right now.

Upgrading to Windows 8 will cost a measly $39.99. This is no doubt due to Apple which began selling its OS upgrades at a much cheaper price a while back. I…have opinions about Windows 8, but to be honest I shouldn’t be airing them out until I actually play with the OS. But suffice it to say, I am very concerned with Win8 and what Microsoft is doing with it.

Social Photo Feature:

First photo is from moyer777’s flower garden, with this nice looking daisey

And we just can’t start out the week without another lens flare from yours truly 😉

Video Feature:

So I’m a regular watcher of YouTube stuff, so this video hits home about all the complaints made on YouTube, its quite funny. 🙂

And episode 10 of the abridged series of Twilight Princess is out…this series is better watched from the beginning, as you’ll get the jokes, but I find the series amusing.

And that’s it folks, until next time…


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