Personal Musing: 6/30/12…

An end to a chapter, the beginning of a new one. All good things must continue.

I can’t believe its already the end of June. This month moved by so quickly. I guess its true what they say, the older you get, the faster time flies… So I moved out of my old apartment and into my brother’s apartment (many thanks to my bro) for a couple months. Afterwards, I will be moving to a different house closer to the campus. Thankfully the weather stayed great all day for all the moving around and such. Moving out of my old apartment and into this new one feels like a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere is different, things have changed and yet it remains the same. I still have to go to school soon, I still work…yet its changed. I think it will be good for me. Whether living under the same roof as my brother again is a good thing, well, time will tell ;). And while I have reservations where I’m moving after my current place, I think its just because I’m worried about the change that the new locations will bring. I shouldn’t be afraid of change and yet I still am. Seems to be natural to be worried about new places, new things and meeting new people. So I do the best that I can and take it one day at a time. All anyone can really ask of me. Well, that and do better hah.

So I finally published my first Let’s Play: Breath of Death series for the first time in over a month. I’m not happy that it took over a month to publish a new episode. Sure, I had the whole finals thing, but I could have published one much sooner. Meant to last week, but then decided that purging my computer and re-installing everything took higher priority. (Well, it did after all and my computer runs a lot better)  But I’m not pleased that it took this long between episodes, though there really isn’t much I can do about it other than try again and strive to do better. I’m even less happy with my blog (aka myself) and the only thing I published this month was Personal Musings. I’m glad that part of my blog is alive and kicking well, but the more meaty subjects I used to tackle, everything from thoughts to reviews has completely fallen apart. So as such, I will be spending some serious thought tomorrow on how I plan on proceeding forward for those posts. It is clear from blog stats that Personal Musings aren’t enough, though I shouldn’t kick myself too hard, people seemed to like the content. However, I also like writing the bigger and more interesting posts. Its just time. Time, time time and not enough of it. Ah well. So hopefully, next month will be more content rich. Think I said that last month but I’m really hopeful this time ;).

Anyway, here’s my latest Let’s Play. Due to my settings being deleted during my computer purge, I had to go through each step and tried for the best settings that I could. After I rendered the video, I thought it looked better and sure enough, comparing episode 14 to 13, its clear that whatever changes I made, the difference in video quality is very noticeable. And I’m glad, I spent a while working on those settings. Plus, audio should also sound better and less painful, as I had played around with the mic more for a better quality. Only one puff hit the mic and I’m not even sure how that happened but hey, can’t be perfect now can I? 🙂 I hope you enjoy and any comments you could give on the video would be appreciated. I’m hoping to do these once a week again so stay tuned via my YouTube channel for more content.

No gaming today, was much too tired and busy. Although I guess if I did anything, I watched a bunch of Netflix, continuing my watching of the Scifi series “Farscape”. That show…is very odd. Yet compelling.

Social Photo Feature:

Sewer Cover

This pic of a sewer cover caught my eye, I can’t really say why.


This yellow flower, just looks good, don’t you think?

Video Feature:

So I had talked about the Mass Effect 3 endings getting an update right? Well, here’s one YouTuber’s opinion on them and he’s not too happy. Last I talked about the endings, I granted that the endings could be better, but at least Bioware tried, which is a far cry from what most companies will do. Still, he makes valid points about plot holes and such and its a bit amusing. Spoiler alert obviously.

Until next time, thank you for reading and sharing. July will be a great month I think.


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