Personal Musing: 6/28/12…

Brains, Chrome Browsers, and a little bit more…kitty. Flixer……

Hello and welcome to this personal musing of my mind. As per usual, took Wednesday off to deal with stuff and recharge. Mostly just packing up and taking down posters. Never again am I going to use as sticky a stuff as I did for those posters…they came off ok, but geez they were a pain. At this point it is mostly packing things in boxes and moving them out. I’ll be cleaning up as well tonight. Other than that, its all just about moving out right now. Also had an odd bug where Runkeeper, which manages how far and fast I walk/run said I walked 8 miles today…when I couldn’t have. That was a little odd and I deleted the activity. Anyway, not much to talk about in my personal life. Just keeping busy and not having nearly enough time in the day.

My next two Let’s Play episodes have been recorded. Those will be published “soon”, I have to go through the programs I use to edit, compress and process and reset the settings for them.  That’ll take time that I don’t have tonight so…soon. If I set a date I swear they won’t get published then ;). I’m hoping to get back on a weekly release schedule for this series asap. I’m also hoping to get a “significant” post a week on my blog started again, but this whole moving around and other things just has chewed up more time than I thought it would. Tis life I suppose.

MoonshineFox (buddy of mine) asked me to join him for a look at the Multiplayer of Drox Operative (Beta) game. It was before work and I had enough time to get it recorded with him as we gave an overview of the Multiplayer features of the game. Rewatching it, I wasn’t on the ball, I should have poked some humor in at places when I had the chance but likely I was too concerned with the clock and making sure I left for my job. I’m a bit neurotic about making it on time to appointments/jobs. But I wasn’t totally distracted heh. Still, give it a watch and see if the game interests you. This game has got me intrigued with its concept, but it needs more polish, features and content before its done to really grab my interest. If you want to find out more about the game’s single-player and what the game is about, check it out here in Fox’s other vid: YouTube Link

Tech and Gaming News:

Chrome has finally arrived to iOS. It is very much the desktop version made smaller with the same feeling of speed and power that its desktop has. I’ve heard some complaints about the speed. Granted, it isn’t significantly faster than Safari. Mostly because Chrome is using the same browsing engine that Safari uses, a restriction placed by Apple. That said, I would say it is on-par with Safari. The app features the Chrome sync between the desktop and mobile apps, which lets you see the tabs you had open on your desktop as well as other devices, and shows all your bookmarks. The sync is surprisingly fast and works well. My main issue is that bookmarklets aren’t handled well, so when you want to use them on a web page, you have to search for them and click on them. I wish chrome would show them like Safari does without the web page going away, but oh well. I’m not sure if this new Chrome mobile is enough to get me to switch from mobile safari, yet. I’m going to experiment with how the performance handles compared to Safari for a while. And while many browsers have failed to get me to switch over on mobile, Chrome has the potential to. So check it out, its free.

I really feel for this guy. Paul Chambers, a UK native, made a joke on Twitter that said: “Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve gota  week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!” Now, while I don’t I don’t quite get the humor, well, brits have a strange sense of humor, I get the feeling that he wasn’t entirely serious. Apparently the police in the UK missed that memo and he got slapped a criminal conviction that has so far, ruined his life. He lost his job, may never get another one, and got a rather harsh fine. He is appealing his conviction right now. Here is the real kicker of it all: the airport that he was talking about in his tweet, was completely unaffected by his tweet and operations weren’t affected in one bit. Clearly, this guy’s life needed to be ruined over this. I sincerely hope this guy gets his appeal, because his tweet never should have been taken seriously. I don’t think the terrorists are going to announce on Twitter when they plan on blowing up an airport and clearly this guy, was no terrorist. If this happened in the US, I would be ashamed to live here…

Facebook is finally overhauling their app to suck less. This app is so slow, so annoying difficult to use as an app that I dropped it and just use Safari when I’m mobile to see FB. FB finally got the hint and said they were rewriting the app to make it speedy again. We’ll see if it actually happens, FB has said repeatedly that their app updates would improve speed….when in fact it didn’t. This update is “coming soon”.

Google+ is, finally, coming to the iPad soon. Long overdue. Apparently Droid tablets have this app already, though I haven’t read into it much. G+ continues to get better, which is good.

Cthulhu Saves the World is now on iOS! Go give it a look over, apparently its good. I’m not getting it as I already have the PC version, but if its anything like Breath of Death and you like RPGs, you should look it over.

Tribes Ascend is now on Steam. Nuff said really. 😉

Instagram Feature:

As you’ll notice when you click on the photos below, Instagram has updated their website and how pictures are displayed. You can also login in with your Instagram account to like or comment on said photos. Annoyingly though, it removes the ability to tweet/like the photos and also stops me from embedding photos from Instagram’s site here so I’m going to have to figure out how to deal with that change. For now I’m circumventing it, but that’s not appealing to do daily. So here goes:


Lamb shoulder and saffron rice, looks good to me.


Cool looking shot of a lake? I’m assuming. Plus ducks (feat: kiraniumbra)


On my walk I was able to get really close to this passing train and take some photos and video of it. This looked quite good imo.


This neat and colorful looking flower comes once again from Wayne 🙂

Lens Flare

Can’t be an instagram day for me without a good old Lens Flare and this was my favorite of the couple I took recently 😛

Video Feature:

Team Fortress 2 released a new video called “Meet the Pyro”. It is a dark, yet quite cool video into the psyche of the Pyro. Have a look…btw, I’m pretty sure this video confirms she is a female.

So I stumbled upon this parody of “Somebody that I used to know” tweaked to “The Star Wars that I used to know”. Its hilarious and I it definitely rings true.

And phew, that’s all folks, see you tomorrow and until then…


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