Personal Musing: 6/26/12…

Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun.

Hello again. I’m tired atm. So much that I have to do yet so little time. There isn’t much for me to say today, I worked on college stuff, I worked, and I’m moving. Just, yeah, this is going to be one of those less-than-interesting weeks as I prep to move. Can’t wait to have moved…and then I get to move again…yay. I also played some more Orcs Must Die too. But really, just not much I want to talk about. Ah well.

Tech and Gaming News:

Google brings Lego to your Browser. This very neat little application lets you play around with legos in your browser and build stuff. I played around with it briefly and its a bit bare bones considering how many different varient of Legos there are but hey, its still very cool and you should give it a check if you like playing with Legos :).

Mass Effect 3 had its extended/retcon endings DLC patch released today. I’ve seen all four endings. They’re generally better, less vague and more fleshed out than the prior endings. That said, I don’t think its as good as it could have been. At least they tried to improve it so that its a more complete ending(s) to the game and for that I’ll give them some kudos. But I still think there should have been more to them. Oh well, what can you do about it. Does it change my boycott again said game? No. Anyway, if you wish to see all the spoiler-filled endings via YouTube, go to these or simply search YouTube for them, but these are the ones I saw earlier today: Control Ending Destroy Ending Synthesis Ending Refusal Ending. Anyway, there’s that. So endeth the era of Mass Effect…

Apple has been removing its claim that it is virus-free and simply states that it is a secure system. It is a pity that it happened, but it was bound to happen sooner or later and the latest attacks on Macs last year and this year have shown that Mac OSX is not 100% secure out of the box. It was only a matter of time and popularity before viruses started getting designed for Mac and now Apple faces the same uphill battle that Microsoft does. Now the question is, when will the mobile OSes get their turn…I’m not looking forward to that.

Instagram got updated to 2.5 with some UI improvements, some more FB sharing options and etc. Its a nice little update, though I would like to see some more filters get introduced to the app.

So I used to be a buyer of App Cubby apps. It was an indie dev company developing some nicely made apps. That is, I did buy them until their launch of Launch Center Pro. See, the history of this app is they originally released an app called Launch Center. 6-8 months later with only a couple of minor updates in between, App Cubby decided that the update to 2.0 would cost people more money. While they claimed they would continue to support the original app and that the Pro version was for Pro people only, I predicted they wouldn’t continue to support the original app. They released a blog post tonight stating they would no longer support the original app and pulled it from the store immediately. I hate it when I’m right sometimes. To be honest, this all stinks of the dev lying to his customers to extract the most amount of money he could. First, he said that $2.99 would be the only price the new Pro app would be at and that it wouldn’t go down lower. Then several days later, price goes down and the original Launch Center was pulled from the app store, and the verdict was you paid for the new upgrade or you would no longer be supported. Also note that he punished the early buyers with that price drop.

And here’s some food for thought before you go about saying “well devs need to be paid too!” I talked about Week Calendar for iOS last week. It is on version 5.0 now. It got five massive upgrades with some mini-patches in between the major revisions. The amount of sheer features and support the app has gotten is insane. Its been priced at $1.99 this entire time. These guys aren’t the only developers on the store who do this. But apparently this guy could only go to version 1.2X before pulling the plug and deciding everyone needed to pay again. (Also keep in mind that updating your app has been known to create more sales for said app, thus more $$) Its just unfortunate that an indie dev decided to pull what I would call a usually big-business decision. By slapping your customers in the face for supporting your app. If this is the trend of app developers on iOS, I want no part of it and I hope it isn’t.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the App Cubby business.

Instagram Feature:

Seems my friend talespodcast planted a tree in his front yard this past weekend. 🙂

Video Feature:

I thought this was a very interesting review about DayZ and the mod’s future.

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